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Steven King "Why We Crave Horror Movies"

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Why we crave horror movies |
A Steven King article |
Angela Hullman |
7/17/2015 |

In this essay we focus on evaluating the article by Steven King to address the five elements of rhetorical situations. |

Stephen King, the famous author of horror genre, discusses his views on why people crave horror movies. King has written many horror novels, some even have been adapted into films or television shorts’. First King examines what he considers to be the basic reasons behind our interests in horror movies, and then he analyzes deeper to develop reasons as to why horror films are so captivating. King first explores the obvious reasons stating “to show ...view middle of the document...

The ability to partake in viewing horror films allows us to be expressive with the “bad” emotions in a safe, fun way.
King comes to a conclusion that because the horrors in the films appeal to the evil in all people we feel the need to partake in the viewing. He also suggests that by watching the films, we help to reserve the bad emotions and instincts, and allow the politically correct “good” emotions to remain on the surface. It allows us, as normal human beings, to reserve our sanity and stay in a happier, peaceful state of mind. In conclusion, while there are the basic and obvious reasons for wanting to watch horror films and shorts, such as to have fun and enjoy the adrenaline rush, there is also deeper more carnal, psychologically-based reasoning; they allow us to escape our everyday lives and be expressive with our basic “bad” emotion, that are extremely essential to our mental health.
As an adrenaline junkie and horror movie fanatic, I agree with Steven King’s analysis of our natural urge to view horror films. The horror genre allows you, the...

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