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y 1995, this SBU merged many of its services and furthered its focus on production of scientific machinery and instrumentation. The General Manager of this company has a bright vision on future, which he proved by trying his hand in production of new and innovative products.

The marketing and pricing decision making environment of the company was mainly centralized but the General Manger also encouraged creativity by flexible working environment with in the company.

First of all let's see what strategy is and why it is important?
Basics of Strategy:

Strategy decisions are different from other decisions taken for the company. They are distinguished on three levels;

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(BNET Business Directory as cited in Downey, J. 2007)

Another view on strategic analysis is of Professor Les Worrall, he states that the organization must have the theoretical understanding of the environment in which it is working and also how it is interacting with the environment in-order to gain improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency so the resources can be astutely used and reused for the well being of the company. (Worrall, L. as cited in Downey, J. 2007)

There is one more point of view about strategic planning which is by Marhides and Williamson, They put emphasis on the fact that the firm have succeeded over a long term period of time are those who are into building their strategic assets faster and at low cost than their competitors. (Marhides, C.C. and Williamson, P.J. as cited in Thompson, A.A. and Strickland, A.J. 2003)

Although different ideologists have different view points but the gist of the whole can be summarized into following three points;

Collection of the data relevant to detection and assessment of the strategy modus operandi

Defining elements of the internal and external environment

Analytical methods which can be employed by the company for analysis of the current situation and future investigation

(Downey, J. 2007)
Analytical Tools

Now let's look at the tools used for the analytical assessment of the company's environment and the environment it is interacting with;

SWOT Analysis

PEST Analysis

Porter's five forces analysis

Value chain Analysis

Early warning

By applying these tools to case study, we will be able to get the clearer picture of the situation and then will be able to suggest different strategies for the company's global and local existence.

There are number considerations to be acknowledged when using analytical tools for the company's analysis;

Tool must be efficient enough to answer what the organization desires

The tool must be deployable and workable the expected benefits from the tool must be recognizable.

Its mode must be such that the people must first be informed of the tool working so that there are hindrances in the working.
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There should be commitment on the senior management part so that the result and formulation can be effective.

Right use of the analytical tool will ensure the balanced and step by step approach.

(Downey, J. 2007)
1. SWOT Analysis:

Let's look at the SWOT analysis and its working and then its application on the case study.

SWOT analysis is a simple yet effective tool that helps to understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for a company that many be involved in the project or business activity. (Downey, J. 2007)

The objective of the environmental analysis or SWOT analysis...

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