Strategic Business Plan Of A Company In Transportation Sector

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents 1
List of Tables 3
List of Charts 4
Introduction 5
I. Transportation Sector 7
1. Key Factors for Success in Transportation Sector 7
2. Transportation Statistics of the Sector in Turkey 8
II. Strategic Business Plan for Metro Tourism 17
1. Internal Analysis of Metro Tourism 17
a. Historical Background 20
b. Mission-Visions-Strategic Targets-Aims 20
c. Market Share, Organizational Structure, Revenue Items 22
d. Trading Strategies 23
2. Financial Structure of Metro Tourism 23
a. Existing financial structure and financial analysis 23
b. Financial predictions for the next three years 29
3. External Analysis of Metro Tourism 29
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By these notions the competitive environment in the business world increased. In the new competitive business environment organizations are obliged to change their classical management perception for protecting their sustainability and improve their profitability. Instead of classic management concept, a new, more long-reaching and broad scanning management concept strategic management is preferred by the organizations. This concept is strategic management and strategic planning concept.
Strategic management and strategic planning is also important in transportation sector. Especially in Turkey, transportation sector is one of the most investee sectors. So, the organizations in this sector should manage their organizations strategically for monopolizing their market share.
The purpose of this project is to build a sustainable strategic plan for Metro Tourism in order to protect its market leadership and profitability. According to this purpose of the study, the key objectives are;
* Analyzing Metro Tourism’s financial statements and according to the results of the financial analysis, a three years financial prediction for Metro Tourism will be done.
* Analyzing Metro Tourism strategically (using, PESTEL, SWOT, Porters Five Force Analysis, etc.) and according to the results strategic business propositions for Metro Tourism for the next three years will be done.
The financial data that would be used in the financial analysis of Metro Tourism are the balance sheets and income statements of the years 2011 and 2014.
Predicting the opportunities, costs and risks for Metro Tourism for three year success, SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, Porter’s Five Force Analysis and external and internal analysis has done for Metro Tourism according to the data that are held from the activity reports, risk reports and financial reports.
In this project a strategic business plan for the leading firm of transportation sector of Turkey, Metro Tourism is tried to be examined. In this context in the first section of the study a brief literature about strategic planning is examined.
In the second section of the study the transportation sector is embraced according to the key factors for success in transportation sector and the transportation statistics.
In the third section of the study strategic business plan for Metro Tourism is built. Firstly in this section, a guideline for Metro Tourism discussed through historical background. After designating the mission, vision, strategic targets and aims the financial structure of Metro Tourism is analyzed. After competition analysis of Metro Tourism lastly in this section strategic business propositions examined for Metro Tourism.

I. Transportation Sector
1. Key Factors for Success in Transportation Sector
Transportation sector is one of the most important sectors for countries. Development in transportation sector effect positively on unemployment rates, on investments in macro-economic level and...

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