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Sidra tul Muntaha Haider
Ahmed Zubairi
Ibrahim Ahmed

The global razor market appears to be cutthroat, with – according to Gillette – a reservoir of around 1.6 billion men in the habit of shaving. For Gillette however, the opportunity to sharpen its proposition on grooming represents only part of its global brand strategy. So if you thought that Gillette was a business somewhat limited by growth opportunities, prepare yourself for a very close shave.

Brand as a product

The product scope
Transforming innovative ideas into useful daily products sold at fair price engenders an other fundamental Gillette strength. As ...view middle of the document...

Basis for relationship: Everyday when you wake up in the morning, after brushing, a man always shaves with the best razor available and feeling that this razor is designed specially for him

Subbrands: Sensor Excel, Mach 3 Turbo, Complete skin care and M3 Power.

Slogan: The best a man can get

Endorsers: David Becham , James Bond, Strong and clean men who love to shave.

Functional Benefits: Innovative shaving razors that will closely shave even against the grains

Emotional Benefits: Feeling fresh, rejuvenating and a feeling of a best a man can get.

Self expressive: It is generated by a “The best a man can get” phrase that man always thinks that whenever he is using the Gillette is it something which expresses his values

Strategic Brand Analysis

Customer Analysis:

Trends: We have looked down the shaving category and observed a number of trends
The growing concern for instant, close, and healthier shave. The demand of instant, ready razors, which are disposable and easy to buy. A category of razors which you can use for a month and are not very expensive. Preference of ready to use and shifting pattern of FOAM shave to Instant shave.

Customer Motivations:
We will be motivating our customers in functional and self expressive benefit.
Functional would be that we are giving close shave, which is even going against the grain , even the last ounce of your hair is cleanly and closely cut. And self expressive benefit would be that when they consume our brand, there would be a social setup that they are young, courageous and happening. When they consumer the Gillette razor, the women are actually inspired by their personality and feel comfortable with them.

As our is a purely men product, and positioned as “The best a man can get”. This is the vague positioning statement that our Gillette as a whole brand is on. But we have separate product extensions for e.g. Mach 3, Turbo Plus. Gillette Blue 2, Gillette 3 Power Our market is very loyal, and we have segmented product wise in order to cater every men which shaves.

Unmet Needs
The unmet needs that we have realized that consumers are complaining about the shave, that whenever they shave they often tend to cut their skin because of the rash razor being used. What we did is, we have a twin soft blade with a foam protecting device sort of razor and tried to meet the needs in order to create more satisfaction level. Providing a complete range of personal care product build and strengthens more brand equity.

Competitor Analysis
The blades and razor market is competitive when it comes to price. Generally 98% prefer Gillette brand over others, because our product is available even at Rs 19. Some of our competitors are Trim, Treat, Bic e.t.c are being consumed in E market and for that as well we have launched a lower class product locally consumed which is Turbo. Customers perceive competitors brand as low quality, Foamy Shave, cuts the...

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