Strategic Staffing Chapters 1 6 Essay

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Chapter 1
- Why is staffing important?
- Staffing for competitive advantage – employees affect the CA Staffing therefore plays a central role in creating and enhancing any organization’s competitive advantage
- What is strategic staffing? Future-oriented and goal-directed ways, support business strategy and enhance organizational effectiveness. Into, thru, out.
- Traditional staffing: reactive, no improvement; Strategic – aligned
- Seven components of strategic staffing: workforce planning, sourcing, recruiting, selecting, acquiring, deploying, retaining
- Primary staffing goal is to match the competencies, styles, values, and traits of job candidates with the requirements of the ...view middle of the document...

.mechanical forecasting method first then use this to modify estimates
- return on investment analysis- cost and outcomes (value) from the new hire
- external and internal – gains and losses
- transition analysis- internal labor
- internal labor forecasting method: judgment, talent inventory, replacement charts, surveys, labor SCM
- external forecast: observations and experiences; statistics available to public
FILLING THE GAP between supply and demand action plans (proactive approach)
- temporary talent shortage: search firms, lower standards, hiring incentives
- persistent talent shortage reduce demand for talents in short supply (automation), increase supply of qualifications
- temporary employee surplus: temporary workers (cyclical), temporary lay-offs, reduce hours or pay or reassigning
- permanent employee surplus: early retirement incentives, layoffs, not filling, retraining
- action plans: reassignment, hiring freeze, stir away
- Staffing planning: how many should we recruit (staffing and hiring yields)? What resource needed (work-load driven and staffing-efficiency driven forecast)? How much time (continuous or batch)?
- external and internal cost per hire
- Markov analysis- involves tracking the pattern of employee movements through...

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