Strategies For Evaluating Electronic Medical Records System

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Strategies for Evaluating Electronic Medical Records System
Keisha Williams-Young
May 02, 2011

In the past few years, many organizations have been making technological advances when it comes to medical records. By implementing Electronic Medical Records system to the Long-Term Care Home Facility, managers will be taking a huge leap into the future. Of course, when organizations decide to make an over-haul change of this magnitude, managers need to make sure they have planned strategies for measuring the various outcomes. Now that the implementation of Electronic Medical Records system has been implemented at the Long-Term Care ...view middle of the document...

It will let the managers of Long-Term Care Home Facility know if they are moving in the right direction or if they need to make some modifications to achieve the goal of effectively implementing EMR. Furthermore, this process will help make sure that the employees and the managers have built an excellent level of shared communication. Since employees are at the forefront of most organizations, it is very important for managers to know how their employees feel about the change. If the employees are giving positive feedback and are showing no signs of distress, then management should continue to follow the guidelines of Kurt Lewin's Change Theory of “refreezing" (Spector, 2010).
Measuring Outcomes
When looking at the possible outcome measurement strategies for the implementation of the Electronic Medical Records system, managers at the Long-Term Care Home Facility looked at their reasons for the change implementation. According to Young (2000), “technology has continued to move forward at a rapid pace, but many organizational and human issues have slowed the pace of implementation of automated systems for an electronic documentation record. Contrary to the prior statement, quantitative reports can provide possible outcomes showing how the employees of Long-Term Care Home Facility and its patients feel about the change. Electronic patient records can improve patient safety, quality of care, efficiency of staff members, and include all disciplines of the health care team (Dove, 2010). By implementing an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System, Long-Term Care Home Facility will improve the efficiency of this organization as well as making an advance into the technology within the health care industry. Furthermore, Long-Term Care Home Facility would review their organizational structure to make sure the tasks of the staff are being met and enforced both financially and personally.
Financial Outcomes
When evaluating the implementation of Electronic Medical Records system to the Long-Term Care Home Facility, the facilities finances must be looked at closely to determine if the implementation has made an impact on the organization financially. According to Spector (2010), effective diagnosis is the data-driven information that is obtained via questionnaires, interviews, and observations. Financial and productivity reports are the two most critical reports that need to be compiled from Long-Term Care Home. These reports alone can tell managers and stakeholders whether or not Long-Term Care Home Facility is succeeding their financial and productivity goal. Of course, managers do have to make sure that they are keeping accurate records in order for the data to be used in determining future financial outcomes. According to Spector (2010), organizations can use activity-based management to help insure decisions that are made as part of the change process are based on an accurate financial picture of their operations. Activity-based...

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