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Organization and Management Analysis
Organization and Management Analysis:

Management process is the coordinated, guided and well planned effort of staff using organizations and measures to achieve organizational goals. Adoption of appropriate management theories and styles by each organization is vital. For the successful management of an organization, Knowledge of various organizational theories, management theories and styles are considered to be one of the major quality of a good manager. Ignorance of the structure is a limitation and hinders the growth of the organization, self and development of staff. This essay gives an idea of different organizational theories, ...view middle of the document...

Scientific management comprises of attaining best equipment and employees and then cautiously examining each element of the manufacturing process. In Bureaucratic theory structure of an organization is established in a hierarchy model and the organization and members governed by a rigid division of labor with inflexible, written rules and regulations as in federal government structure. The organizational theory tries to create universal corporate philosophies appropriate to entire organizations.
2. Neoclassical organizational theory: the Neoclassical organizational theory is a response to the authoritarian structure of the classical theory. The neoclassical style stresses on the human necessities of employees and employees should be happy in their workplace and are free to express their imagination and creates a contemporary work style. The neoclassical style permits creativity, personal growth, and inspiration, which escalates production and earnings. Neoclassical approach help managers to influence the work atmosphere that in turn produces positive results. Google's business model is an example of a neoclassical style of management.
3. Contingency theory: is a group of behavioral theory which states that there is no perfect way to lead an organization or make a decision. The best way to leadership, organizational or decision-making style depends on several internal and external factors. In contingency theory, success in production depends on manager’s capability to adjust to environmental changes. Is different from classical and neoclassical theory. According to this theory conflict in the workforce is unavoidable but manageable. Conflict avoidance allows managers the self-determination to create decisions centered on existing circumstances.

“Self-efficacy, flexibility, the active and sensitive responses of the individual within a workplace context is essential for leadership development programs, and positive organizational behavior.”
(Shannon, E. A., & Van Dam, P. (2013). Developing active leadership in health and human services).

4. System theory: In this theory all components in an organization are interconnected and related. Alteration in any component may disturb other parts. Manufacturing plant is a good example of system organizational theory. Here each department is interconnected if one unit does not operate the whole corporate wheel will be disturbed. The profit of the organization depends on the nonlinear relationship between organizational components.

5. Organizational structure is an important part of an organizational theory.
Multiple factors decide the efficiency of organizational structure. They are the environment, approach, technology, size, and people. The constant interchange of data and dynamism symbolizes the relationship between organizational structure and environment.

Management Theories & Styles
There will be an existing requirement for management and managers as long as organization, bosses and...

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