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Studies Essay

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Goal Action Plan

US/101 – Introduction to University Studies

May 16, 2011

My career is in Human Services Manaagement. My goail is to graduate fom college with my masters' in Human Services Management. This type of goal is categorized as Career-Academic. The purpose of my goal is to become a social worker and provide the help needed to families currently struggling with the ...view middle of the document...

The major benefit of my goal is that it will give me access to employment that will support me financially and also enhance my present skills. Completing my goal will benefit others because I will have the knowlegde and the skill to provide the best services possible to the families. I can go beyond normal duties and provide all the tools possible for the families to regain their positive economic status. During this process I will build relationships whether it be professionally or personally .My barrier is trying to stay focused on completing my assignments while attending classes.It can be hard from day to day because you neve know what may happen. My solution to overcome my barrier is to follow the program provided by Axia College and use the checklist that I have made to show taks completed. My action milestones would be that before I begin my studies for the day, I will check my inbox and my course syllabus. This will show me what needs to be completed and also allows me time to read my feedback given on previous assignments.
Overall target date of completion is January 29, 2012.

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