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Study Guide Week One Bcom275 Essay

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Week One Student Guide

This week introduces the basics of the communication process including the steps in the communication process and understanding the roles of the listener and the receiver.

The readings in Communicating in the Workplace focus on the basics of communication including the various roles, channels, and the importance of the message. The readings in Critical Thinking provid background for the concepts of persuasion, arguments, and critical thinking that are involved in much of communication.

This week’s topic, the communication process, is the foundation for the remainder of the course.

The Communication Process

OBJECTIVE: Explain the steps in the communication process.

Resources: Ch. 1 of Communicating in the Workplace, Ch. 1 & 2 of Critical Thinking, and University of Phoenix Material: Communication Process


• Ch. 1: Communication Concepts of Communicating in ...view middle of the document...

1: Critical Thinking Basics of Critical Thinking

o What is Critical Thinking?
o The Basics: Claims, Issues, and Arguments

• Claims
• Issues
• Arguments
• What Arguments Are Not

o Further Confusions

• Arguments and Explanations
• Arguments and Persuasion

o Two Kinds of Good Arguments

• Deductive Arguments
• Inductive Arguments

o Recognizing Arguments

• The Two Parts of an Argument
• The Language of Arguments

o Other Terms and Concepts

• Truth
• Knowledge
• Value Judgments

o Extraneous Considerations: Logical Window Dressing

• Ch. 2: Two Kinds of Reasoning of Critical Thinking

o Arguments: General Features

• Conclusions Used as Premises
• Unstated Premises and Conclusions

o Two Kinds of Arguments

• Deductive Arguments
• Inductive Arguments
• Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

o Deduction, Induction, and Unstated Premises
o Techniques for Understanding Arguments

• Clarifying an Argument’s Structure
• Distinguishing Arguments from Window Dressing

o Evaluating Arguments

OBJECTIVE: Explain the roles of listening and responding in the communication process.

Resources: Ch. 5 of Communicating in the Workplace


• Ch. 5: Listening and Responding of Communicating in the Workplace

o Listening Is Important
o Listening Is a Process
o Listening Principles

• Listening is learned
• Listening is active
• Listening occurs faster than speech
• Listening requires emotional control

o Listening Skills: At School, at Work, at Home

• Listening at school
• Listening at work
• Listening at home

o Responding Skills
o Using the Response Styles

Note. The information above is intended to help you complete your assignments. Read chapters in their entirety, as indicated in the syllabus. Additional information from sections not outlined above may be needed for classroom discussions.

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