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Study Manual Essay

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Chartered Secretaries Malaysia

ICSA International Qualifying Scheme (ICSA IQS)


ICSA IQS – Strategic and Operations Management Version 2 Updated June 2006


Contents Syllabus Part I Chapter 1 The nature of strategy. Strategic choice, analysis and evaluation: the balanced scorecard And the strategic balance sheet. Strategic alliance analytical techniques: Portfolio analysis, competitor analysis, value chain analysis, market migration analysis. The boardroom strategic role Mission, ethics and values. Social responsibility The Corporate Environment and System Theory the market, and other PEST factors. Internal Factors The ...view middle of the document...

Benchmarking Cycle time reduction, Just in time, manufacturing Recourse Planning techniques Knowledge and information managemen: dissemination and feedback. The Internets Intranets. networking, cascading and team briefing. Formal management communications: reports, minutes directives, standing orders, working manuals, and communication technology. Concepts of morale, motivation, leadership, authority and responsibility: theoretical model and their application empowerment , self directed and cross functional team Project management and team leadership. Enhancing the performance of team and the individuals Performance appraisal and measurement: Team and individual


Chapter 14


Chapter 15 Chapter 16

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Chapter 17


Chapter 18


Chapter 19 Chapter 20

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ICSA IQS – Strategic and Operations Management Version 2 Updated June 2006


2004 MAICSA All rights reserved. No part of this work covered by copyright may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means (graphics, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording taping, or information or information retrieval systems) without the written permission of the writers. Disclaimer This publication is sold on the terms and understanding that (1) the editor or the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA) as the publisher, are not construed as giving legal, secretarial, professional or other advice or services. (2) No person or entity should rely on the contents of this publication without first obtaining advice from another professional person. (3) To the extent permitted by law, neither MAICSA nor the editor is responsible for; (a) the results of any act or omission by any person or entity who relied on the whole or any part of this book; or (b) the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this book. (4) To the extent permitted by law, the editor and MAICSA, each of them disclaim all and any liability for the consequences of any act or omission, including but not limited to any negligent act or omission by any person or entity who relies on the whole or any part of this publication. (5) Neither the editor nor MAICSA assumes any responsibility to inform any person or entity or any matter arising or coming to the notice of the editor or MAICSA which may affect or quality the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this book. (6) Paragraph (1) to (5) of this Disclaimer prevail over any representation to the contrary that may be contained in this publication. First published in April 2004 Second publication June 2006

ICSA IQS – Strategic and Operations Management Version 2 Updated June 2006


STRATEGIC AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AIM The aim of the module is to develop knowledge and understanding of key principles and practices in management, to equip the aspiring Chartered Secretary for both the strategic and operational contexts of the...

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