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“Study Of Consumer Awareness And Perception Towards Health Insurance Portability.”

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“Study of consumer awareness and perception towards health insurance portability.”
Healthcare Insurance Market in India is unique and has a strong growth potential than the other insurance markets. Life insurance includes all risks related to the lives of human beings. IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) allowed to the customer to change their insurance company in case of dissatisfaction with company. Health insurance portability gives the flexibility to the customer and increase the fair competition among companies. The concept of Portability is new in India so the awareness and perception towards portability of customers depends on several ...view middle of the document...

, 2003). Ennew et al. (1993) indicated that a comparison of mean scores on the importance of service attributes provides a very effective method of measuring the ability of services to meet the needs of the customers. Perceived service quality has a significant effect on the attitude towards obtaining insurance (Arora and Stoner, 1996)
Purohit and Siddiqui (1994) examined the utilization of health services in India by making the comparison of Indian states in terms of low, medium and high household expenditure on health care and concluded that there is no serious government initiative to encourage utilization of health services by means of devising health insurance.
Sanyal (1996) examined that the burden of health care expenditure in rural areas was twice in 1986-87 as compared to 1963-64 and also provided that household is the main contributor to the financing of health care in India, so the health planners would have to pay more consideration regarding this.
Gumber and kulkarni (2000) undertaken a case study in Gujarat and provided that SEWA a type of health insurance scheme is strongly preferred by those who can’t afford and also not access the services of various other schemes.


The present study is an effort in the area of health insurance portability to assess the individuals’ awareness level and ...

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