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Studying Locally And Studying Overseas Essay

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Studying locally and studying overseas

The advantages and disadvantages of studying locally and studying overseas have long been discussed especially among high school graduates. The options available to pursue further in studies and the choices made will contribute to how a particular individual’s future is shaped. Both studying locally and studying overseas have their ups and downs that could benefit students or causes challenges for them. Studying locally and studying overseas can be compared in terms of cost of living, academic benefits, language and more.
First and foremost, the cost of living of studying overseas is higher especially in well-developed countries. With a present low Ringgit Malaysia currency value, it should be tougher for students to meet the basic needs in countries like the United States and Australia. The fees for college itself is already ...view middle of the document...

Students get to see new places, new people of different ethnicities and backgrounds and learn about new culture. The challenge would be to work in a different environment from home and students may even face culture shock. However, the opportunities to develop on perspectives and to benefit from the culture are limitless. Nonetheless, students studying overseas are more prone to homesickness and if it gets serious, it may develop into depression and interfere with studies. Meanwhile, studying locally provides familiarity and students get to go home and meet with families frequently.
In terms of academics, studying overseas provides better opportunities in developing students individual’s potential especially if the students end up in one of the world’s top universities. Studying overseas in a non-familiar environment propels student to be an active problem solver and less fearful of new situations. Students naturally become independent and confident due to learning to live independently and deal with a different culture. Moreover, some of the courses that the students are looking for are not offered by the local universities. This is the one of the primary reasons why the students are looking to get admission into foreign universities.
Another comparison between the two options is language barrier. The issue of language barrier may occur to students studying overseas that can become a contributing factor to failure to comprehend what is learned thoroughly. The issue may be greater in countries like Japan or Korea as students weren’t initially exposed to their language. This difficulty will have to be overcome by taking extra language classes.
All in all, both options have their ups and downs and if a choice is need to be made, it depends mostly on the individuals themselves. The students need to consider their capabilities, preferences, and course of choice when making the decision to pursue their tertiary studies. If a student is determined to study and develop, the person should be fine either locally or overseas.

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