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Stuff Essay

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Align Risk, Threats, & Vulnerabilities to COBIT P09 Risk management Controls
1. From the identified threats & vulnerabilities from Lab #1 – (List At Least 3 and No More than 5, High/Medium/Low Nessus Risk Factors Definitions for Vulnerabilities)
a. Denial of Service attack of organized e-mail server
* Nessus: High
b. Loss of Production Data
* Nessus: Medium
c. Unauthorized access to organization owned Workstation
* Nessus: High
d. Workstation browser has software vulnerability
* Nessus: Low
e. User downloads an unknown e-mail attachment
* Nessus: Low

2. For the identified threats and Vulnerabilities, which of the following COBIT P09 ...view middle of the document...

Loss of Production Data
* Backup data, restore from previous point if necessary
Unauthorized access to organization owned Workstation
* Set password to change after 90 days, set screen lockout for 10 minutes.
Workstation browser has software vulnerability
* Update browser, check and auto update everyday
User downloads an unknown e-mail attachment
* Set strength filtering, send memos

5. For each of the threats and vulnerabilities from Lab #1 – (List at Least 3 and No More than 5) assess the risk factor that it has on your organization in the following areas and explain how this risk can be mitigated and managed:
a. Threat or Vulnerability #1: Denial of Service attack of organized e-mail server
* Information –Threat
* Applications –Threat
* Infrastructure –Threat
* People – None
b. Threat and Vulnerability #2: Loss of Production Data
* Information – Threat
* Applications – Threat
* Infrastructure – Threat
* People – Threat to someone’s job
c. Threat or Vulnerability #3: Unauthorized access to organization owned Workstation
* Information – Threat
* Application – Vulnerability
* Infrastructure – Vulnerability
* People – Threat
d. Threat or Vulnerability #4: Workstation browser has software vulnerability
* Information – Vulnerability
* Application – Vulnerability
* Infrastructure – Vulnerability
* People – None
e. Threat or Vulnerability #5: User downloads an unknown e-mail attachment
* Information – Vulnerability
* Application – Vulnerability
* Infrastructure – Vulnerability
* People – Threat
6. True or False – COBIT P09 Risk Management controls objectives focus on assessment and management of IT risk. TRUE
7. Why is it important to address each identified threat or vulnerability from a C-I-A perspective? Because CIA is a balanced perspective. When it’s too secure, people will not use it, when it’s not secure enough people run the risk of losing information.
8. When assessing the risk impact a threat or vulnerability has on your “information “assets, why must you align this assessment with your Data Classification Standard? How can a Data Classification Standard help you assess the risk impact on your “information” assets? We have to align it because it helps you classify the...

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