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Styles Of Leadership Essay

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Styles of Leadership

Psychologist Kurt Lewin set out to study the types of leadership in 1939. Dr. Lewin early research can be attributed as the beginning of the study of leadership in the 20th century. His early studies influenced and helped in identifying and establishing the three types of leadership styles known today (Cherry, n.d.). The three types of leadership styles that Dr. Lewin studied are democratic, authoritarian, and participative. The one I will attend to discuss in this paper is the participative leadership style.
Participative leadership also known as democratic leadership style is believed by many to be the most effective of the leadership styles (Cherry, ...view middle of the document...

This can lead to a communication failure and uncompleted projects ("What Is Democratic Leadership?" 2012). Also when the experience of the group is minimal or nonexistent it can lead to poor contributions of the group in the decision-making process leading to missed deadlines.
As a retired Army veteran with over 20 years of active federal service, I have experienced all three styles of leadership. I have also experienced a fair share of excellent leaders and atrocious leaders. The style of leadership that I most welcome and the one I employ the most is that of a participative style of leadership. As a person who has been in leadership position for most of my adult life, I have discovered from both the follower point of view and the leader point of view that a participative leadership style builds a cohesive group and generates an atmosphere where is pleasant to work in.
In the Army and during combat operations where the situation changes with little or no notice the leader must be able to switch from an authoritarian leadership style to a delegative to a participative during a single enemy engagement or at a moment notice. The ability to...

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