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Subliminal Marketing Essay

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Subliminal Marketing
..What you see, what you smell, what you feel and think is all a part of a market strategy

Ever wondered why you always end up walking out of the supermarkets with huge shopping bags? If you analyze, half of the things you buy are on impulse. Why do we usually have fresh sweet smelling flowers or the perfume section at the entrance of shopping malls? The answer is easily understood by marketing student/executive – the fragrance enhances a 40% increase in good mood. It relaxes our senses and gives us a happy feeling. We tend to buy more in a happy mood. The placement of consumer-goods to enhance impulsive buying behavior is an old tactic now. Today, what you see, what ...view middle of the document...

A scene of the beach brings back the happy mood of holidaying and then one thought incepts the other and a Carlsberg beer is the next thing you would have. Have you noticed most of the watches show the time of 10:10:37 on their advertisements? Wondered why? This is to induce the figure of a smile which your brain decodes every time you see the advertisement. Decoding the smile, you fall in love with the brand and tend to go for the product.
Motivation Research is an approach that draws on the Freudian psychoanalytic model of consumer decision making. It assumes that important buying motives are subconscious, in that a respondent cannot elucidate them when asked an opinion of brand or a product class. Subliminal marketing leverages this Motivation Research theory. Duke University and University of Waterloo concluded that subliminal marketing is better than simple advertisements.

The barcode design sported by Ferrari’s Formula One cars had called for a number of controversial arguments. There were claims that this barcode subconsciously evoked the Marlboro brand. Marlboro is the sponsor of this world famous motor racing team. Although Tobacco advertising has been banned from F1 for some years, but Philip Morris, the cigarette maker, continued to pump millions into preserving their tie with Ferrari – and the seemingly anonymous red, white and black striped symbol did bear an uncanny resemblance to the bottom half of a packet of Marlboros.
There have been constant debates in the past whether or not is it ethical to play with consumer psychology and display hidden meaning, and trap them into buying stuff. It is a matter of perspective as marketing is itself not only the art of filling up the gaps of needs, but also is creating the need. At the end...

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