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Substance Abuse Essay

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Delinquency and Substance Abuse
Delinquency is a term that is used to describe illegal or antisocial behaviors and activities. Delinquent behavior may include drug use, underage drinking, violence, sex crimes or property crimes. Individuals who are delinquent typically express antisocial opinions, are involved in activities that are dangerous, harmful and wrong and are often outspoken in their rejection of punishments associated with their crimes.
In some cases, there is a strong link between delinquent behavior and substance abuse. Many delinquents will seek out activities that are considered criminal or wrong. In this case, drug use is both criminal and socially unacceptable in most ...view middle of the document...

Young males are particularly at risk of being influenced by their surroundings and being involved in troublesome and impulsive activities including property damage and public nuisance crimes. This may be because there is a lack of understanding of the consequences of their actions or they have not developed personal self-control.
Young people begin to experiment with drugs, new social groups, music and their sexuality at earlier ages now. Many will explore new ideas, have challenging times with their parents and other authority figures and may begin to act out. In the majority of cases, this is perfectly harmless and a key stage in growing up. But others will begin to abuse their body with alcohol and drugs and the consequences can be incredibly harmful.
Underage drinking is a common activity that is considered delinquent. Young people who engage in drinking before the legal age has been met are placing themselves and others at risk. They can be charged with a criminal act in some countries, including Australia and United Kingdom. Additionally, they place themselves at risk of being the victim of abuse, sexual assault or being involved in a crime. Underage drinking can also have negative consequences for a person’s health, which is especially sensitive during certain stages of development. A young person who regularly binge drinks or drinks to excess can do significant damage to their brain and other organs which can lead to long term health problems.
A high amount of dangerous drinking and drug taking can also lead to being involved in traffic accidents which can have fatal consequences. Some young people will get behind the wheel of a vehicle, when they are not licensed or when they are high or drunk. The risk of being involved in a traffic accident, either as a driver, passenger or other road user, is significantly higher when a person is intoxicated. Young people who get behind the wheel when they are under the influence are at an even higher risk of being involved in an accident.
The use of drugs during adolescence can cause significant physical and social problems that can endure. As young people going through a distinct period of change, being involved in drugs and drug culture at this time can change the body's chemistry, cause harm to brain cells and even contribute to the development of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, because many young people do not have the same thought processes as older adults, they will experiment in dangerous and risky ways and also become involved in antisocial activities, practice unsafe sex and become the victims of crime. Being involved in a crime or criminal activity can have long lasting effects on a person’s life, including restricting their options for jobs and travel.
Once a person has become involved in a lifestyle that is delinquent, antisocial or criminal, they can find it difficult to move beyond that life. The long-term consequences of being involved in...

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