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The real meaning of college success to me is being able to look back after you graduate and be able to say “I did great!” That I enjoyed my college days while trying to manage being a mom, wife and a working-student. My steps includes time management, aiming for A’s, knowing my interests and what I want to become, Setting priorities, choosing my peers and Learning how to take it easy. These pointers will be my guide to be successful in college.

First, is time management. I will use my spare time for assignments, projects, or just by doing advance reading. I know that getting ahead helps a lot, incase something unexpected comes up, then I do not have to worry about coming to class not ready. I will use my free time wisely and try to be more productive. Getting power naps whenever I can to help me recover from less than 8 hours of sleep. I will eliminate web surfing, unless it’s school related, watching TV shows that eats too much ...view middle of the document...

Asking myself what do I see myself doing 10 to 20 years from now. I asked myself those questions when I was trying to figure out what I would like to go to school for. I know my passion is to take care of others. I am patient, and very sensitive to other’s feelings. I love elderly people, I find them to be the sweetest though sometimes they can be grumpy too. They have so much story to tell. This helped me decide that someday I will become a nurse. I know I will love my job and I will be successful. It is not something that I am forced to take, or chose to make someone happy, It is my decision and it’s what I want to do in the future.
I will set my priorities, this will help be balance my responsibility with my family, responsibility in school as a student and at work. I will try my best to learn how to say No family or friends when asking me to come join them with unimportant gatherings. Say no to people asking me to do something for them or favors that will occupy my extra time specially when there is paper due or exams the next day. I will let them know about school and all the responsibilities waiting ahead of me. Most people do understand and respect our decisions or excuse. Who knows, I might gain more respect when people realize how serious I am about getting done with school and I am just not fooling around with studies.

Choosing my peers, I totally agree when my professor said “In college you want to be a nerd, you want to be with the Nerds!” I want to be around people that are focused, disciplined, and knows what they want to be in the future. I want to be around people that are serious about studies just as how serious I am about it.
I need to learn how to take a break when studying gets too much. I really think this is a big part of becoming successful in college. Sometimes I feel like my brain is about to explode with too much information. I usually get a cup of coffee, sit outside and relax. Free my mind just for couple minutes, if possible for hours. Then after that break, my mind can handle another set of information and is ready to do it’s work.

Now, after jotting down my outline, things to consider, prioritize and balance, I am confident that one day I can look back, reminisce and be proud to say that I consider myself a successful college student.

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