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Success Plan Essay

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My Success Strategy Plan
Stonnie Bell
Colorado Technical University Online

Success Strategy Plan Step 1: Student Success Strategies
The Three strategies that I am using from the success strategies guide are to stay motivated, choose a great study environment, and to do the hardest or my least favorite task first. The reason that I chose these three strategies are that staying motivated is key, without motivation you will not have the drive or the desire to accomplish a task and keeping my eyes on the prize is all the motivation that I need. Choosing a great study environment is key for me because this will limit my distractions and sitting in my favorite chair is ...view middle of the document...

Success Strategy Plan Step 2: Self-Assessment & Goal-Setting

* Self Motivated and Determined
* Hardworking
* Planning and Organizational
* Attention to Details

* Perfectionism
* Lose patience easily
* Procrastinating
* Worrisome

* Free College
* Career Advancement
* Ease of going to online classes

* Deployments
* Back in school after a 7yr break
* Being a new parent

Some of the weaknesses that I have already begun to work on is not to be a perfectionist. I am working on this by just doing my best and not over thinking what the task is asking of me. I just read what the task ask then I do the assignment and when finish I look over my work and ask myself does this answer the question and if it does that’s it. Also I have started to become proactive instead of procrastinating. This will allow me to check my work and making sure that the task is up to the standard and also will limit the amount of stress that I under by not waiting till the last minute.

The short term goals that I have set for myself this semester are to one pass this semester’s classes and two maintain a 3.5 grade point average for this semester. Passing this semester’s classes will give me the motivation and confidence to know that I can do the work at a college level and also to know that I can graduate if I continue to stay motivated. All I have to do is continue to work hard until the end of this month. And maintaining a 3.5 average for this semester is another short term goal I have which I am doing right now and I only have to maintain this average for a few more weeks, this will let me know that I can do it in any class as long as I continue to stick to the plan that I have in place for myself.

The long term goals that I have set for myself are to graduate on the dean’s list and also to earn a master’s degree. I will earn my associates degree around December 2011 and all I have to maintain a 3.5 average to make the dean’s list and I know that this is possible because I have a 3.5 right now all I have to do is work hard and don’t slack on my work. I want to earn a Master’s Degree within five years. This goal is realistic all I have to do is work hard and don’t take breaks in between classes just work, work, work.

Step 3: Career Planning & Management

1. Based on what you learned in your instructor’s Live Chat and what you know about yourself would you consider yourself a career changer or someone who is working to advance in their field? Why?

I would not consider myself a career changer. The reason that I say this is because I am in the U.S Army and I am going to retire from it. I find it both challenging and very demanding. But the rewards and benefits out way all the negative aspects of this career.

2. How would you...

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