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Summary Essay

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Summary & Response Essay Instructions
For this assignment, you will read three articles about the topic of child obesity. The first article is called “Childhood Obesity.” It is located on p. 102-110 of your textbook. The second article is also called “Childhood Obesity,” but that one is written by Dulcie McBride. You will find the third article yourself, and you must submit it to me for approval.
In the first paragraph, you will summarize the topic, and the last sentence of your first paragraph will be your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should include both the overall idea of your essay and the specific points that you want to address, in the order that you address them. Pretend that you are writing an essay where you state that UC is the best college because it has a lot of people, it has great professors, and it has good transportation. Your thesis statement might look like this: UC is one of ...view middle of the document...

Instead of saying “I think that this is a good idea,” you would say “This is a good idea.”
In academic writing, opinions/views need to be based on facts/evidence. You will use information from the article as evidence to validate your ideas. Your essay should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It should be 2-3 pages long.
On the next page, you will see an example of a summary paragraph that would be found in a summary and response essay. The paragraph summarizes the following articles:
1. Title: Animals Are People, Author: Mike Jones, Publication: Pet Monthly, Year: 2011
2. Title: We Love Pets, Author: Bob Smith, Publication: Dogs and Cats, Year: 2013
3. Title: Just as Human, Author: Tim Conway, Publication: Animals United, Year: 2012

Example of a Summary Paragraph
During the last decade, many people have made the case that animals deserve the same rights as humans. Mike Jones wrote an article entitled “Animals Are People,” which was published in Pet Monthly in 2011. Bob Smith wrote the article “We Love Pets,” which appeared in Dogs and Cats in 2013, and Tim Conway wrote the article “Just as Human,” which appeared in Animals United in 2012. In all three of those articles, the authors make the case that animals are worthy of dignity and respect, just like any human being; they believe that the differences between humans and animals are so small that they shouldn’t affect how people treat them. Jones focuses on the legal aspect of the issue. He believes that the law should have stricter punishments for people who abuse animals. Smith, however, is more concerned with the social side of the problem; his article focused on making animal cruelty socially unacceptable. Conway concentrated on explaining the consequences of treating animals inhumanely. According to him, it weakens a society’s morality. While it is true that human beings should have compassion and kindness towards animals, animals do not deserve the same status as people because of the implications that such a change would have on society, the current legal code, and the resources that it would take to accomplish such a goal.

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