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Summary Of Teaching/Learning Interaction : Accident Prevention And Safety Promotion For Parents And Caregivers Of Infants

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I. Demographical Information

Respondent is a 27- year old Hispanic woman who just had a baby daughter two months ago. She is married, and works as a waitress in a local taco shop with minimum wage. She said that she only finished 6th grade. She only works part-time, because they couldn’t afford a baby sitter. Her mother sometimes helps her with the baby because her husband works full time as a construction worker. Maria is her first name.

Maria was seen in a community health clinic because she reported that her 2-month old daughter “almost died in her sleep”. ...view middle of the document...

I considered Maria’s educational attainment as the reason why she did not understand it; or it could be that the healthcare staff spoke to her in medical jargon that would seem impossible for her to know. Either way, I presented her the simple pamphlet I created to educate her more about SIDS. With demonstration, simple language, and teach-back method, I was able to present it to her without difficulty.

III. Assessment of Patient’s Understanding

After reading the material, she was able to verbalize the do’s and dont’s list for safe sleep. She was also glad that there are available resources and hotlines that she can call if she wants to learn more about SIDS. However, Maria suddenly felt guilty about what happened and realized that what she did to the baby was harmful, and that “overstuffing” of linens and toys could’ve killed her baby while sleeping.

IV. Overall Impression

The result was successful because the educational materials like the pamphlet, gave Maria an opportunity to understand what SIDS is all about and what are the ways to prevent it from happening again. In my opinion, mothers like Maria, should be given a simple, yet, effective way of teaching them with medical issues like SIDS.

As such, in order for our patients and caregivers to fully understand the materials being presented, the American Medical Association (AMA),...

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