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Aunt Pegg
To begin with,the first quotation:"Leering,sneering,peering…"-shows for the reader the personality of Aunt Pegg,how terrible she was.The word "leering"-tells that she showed sly or knowledge of malice in a glance.The next one "sneering" is a scornful facial expression characterized by a slight raising of one corner of the upper lip.Usually,this emotion is inherent to unpleasant people.The theerd word "peering" means to look intently, searchingly, or with difficulty.I noticed,that all of this three words have the same ending and also they ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore,the author gives the appearance of the Aunt Pegg through this quotation:"a wizened,tiny woman of great muscular strength and energy,and her mouth was like an upside-down new moon without the hint of smile."This sentence really gives me an idea of the fact that such appearance is quite frightening and nasty ,moreover it is fully consistent with her nature.
In the last paragraphs we can find quotations which indicates an attitude of children towards the Aunt Pegg.To be honest,they were fed up with her strikt rooles and shortage of the freedom:"By day two we were very mournful children" and "We went about our daily tasks like little zombies".As we can see,a situation that occurred at home was very tense and ,I can even say,unbearable for children.They often reminisced about how life was as good when their parents were beside.The word "nostalgia" support this statement.Children were very exhausted by current events:"We became uncommunicative and even forgot to insult each other."
To sum up,the story tells description of the personality and appearance of Aunt Pegg and the attitude of children towards her.To my mind,it was quite a stressful experience for the children.Hovewer,in the future they will love and appreciate their parents even more.

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