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Summary/Response Essay

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Christopher Lejuez Franken

David Zinczenko states that “If ever there were a newspaper headline for Jay Leno’s monologue it would say that; kids’ taking on McDonald’s this week, suing the company for making them fat. Meaning that people are trying to sue for something they did to themselves. Zinczenko also questions, whatever happened to personal responsibility? When David was growing up he claims that he was also a fast-food patron. He was a typical mid – 1980’s latchkey kid. His parents weren’t in any relationship with each other, with his mother working long hours, by the time she reached home it had probably passed lunch and dinner. So David had no other choice but buy ...view middle of the document...

5 servings. So if the total calorie says a certain amount it’s actually 2.5 times that if you use the whole packet.
David believes that the industry in vulnerable. Kids are launching lawsuits against these fast food restaurants for not having warning labels on their products. As well as not having the calorie information on their foods. And also thinks that they would do well to protect themselves and their customers, by providing the nutrition info people need to make informed choices about their products.

Christopher Lejuez Franken
Based on my opinion I agree with David Zinczenko’s point of view on not blaming the eater. I feel he is totally right with this generation of young kids being overweight and obese. It’s really not their fault if their parents are busy all the time and that leads to having no other choice but to buy cheap but good tasting food which is bad for their health. But on the other hand that’s where personal responsibilities come in. if you know eating too much junk food and not enough exercise gets you fat, why would you continue to eat these types of food?
Even though David got the opportunity to change the way he ate, there are a lot of people doing the same thing, or at least trying. It takes a whole lot for someone who is obese to put in the effort to change the way they eat. I personally think that when these kids are grown up and still continue to eat the way they do it’s because these...

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