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Summer Essay

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My perfect summer

I never imagined a wonderful summer as the one I have spent in Logan. Global Academy 2012 gave me the opportunity to experience the most unforgettable moments of my life. Despite the cultural shock, the lonely I felt at the beginning and all de embarrassing moments I had, Logan have been the perfect place for me to grow as a person, to improve my English, to make new friends, and to become more independent. I just can describe this summer as my best summer ever, my perfect summer.
My most memorable moment in Logan was the ropes course because I was doing really ...view middle of the document...

I went to a restaurant in a small town called Ogden and I tried the Mormon Muffin, it was so delicious. I also had a great time at the Independence Day celebration at Rommie Stadium, the fireworks were amazing. I had never seen so many fireworks in one night. I was so amazed and I took a lot of pictures with my camera. These experiences gave me the opportunity of talk with native speakers and improve my English skills.

Shopping in Logan is one of the things I enjoyed the most; the clothes, shoes, and almost everything are so cheap. I was able to buy my laptop in Logan; which was something great because in my country computers are so expensive. I really like the free buses system in Logan. Not paying for transportation is very good; it was something totally new and different for me. Those are moments never to be forgotten, moments that are going to be forever in my mind. I made many friends from different countries, which was so nice and helped me to lose the fear of interacting with others.
During these two months in Logan I lived the moments that I am going to remember most, funny moments, scary moments, good moments, bad moments, but all of them were new for me and I learnt of every experience I lived. All these pleasant memories are going now with me to my country and I hope someday I can visit Logan again and have another wonderful time at this peaceful and amazing town.

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