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Super Star Uni Case Study

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The impact of leadership style in the change process of an organization influences the performance; Leadership as stated by Martin, Liao and Campbell (2013) remains one of the most consequential contextual influencers of employee performance. Latson (2014) elucidated that some leaders may have the best intentions, but the impact will not be in alignment with the intension. But leadership trait is the ability to inspire, motivate and engage the followers to make the inspired vision happen beyond their normal capabilities (Mendez, Munoz & Munoz 2013). A change is the most frequent phenomenon of today's reality and a good understanding of how to manage the change process is very ...view middle of the document...

According to the case study, Super Star University (Waddell et al. 2014), it is obvious that the change processes that occurred in Arts faculty is different from faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Sciences (EAES). First and foremost, the Executive Dean of the Arts faculty, Professor Sandy Lots called for meeting with her 300 staffs, briefed them about the new VC’s strategic direction and establishing staff active involvement in designing change plan for the faculty. While on the other hand, the Executive Dean of the Engineering, Professor Anthony Court called for meeting only with executive members of the faculty, which does not show quality of a strategic leader. For an effective change to occur, a strategic leader has a global vision of the organization as a whole in mind, for a long term period and encourages people especially the subordinates to come with new ideas in order to make the desired change possible and request for feedbacks (Nastase 2010). Nastase, Prediţcan and Roiban (2013) states that staff involvement is important in the change process of an organization; employer-employee relationship strategy implemented by the Lady Professor will motivate the entire staff to generate new ideas that will add value to the faculty in particle and SSU at large. Staff engagement has been argued to lead to more satisfied, effective, and healthier staff (Selmer 2013). Engagement was described by Selmer, Jonasson and Lauring (2013) with the words involvement and energy; hence, engaged individuals have an energetic and effective connection with their work activities, seeing themselves being able to completely handle the job demands. However, engaging staff can measure from the outcomes in staff behaviours and achievements as seen in the faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Environment Sciences.
Furthermore, both faculty deans exhibited different styles of leadership which are briefly discussed according to Nastase, Prediţcan and Roiban (2013) as follows: firstly, an authoritarian leader imposes its ways on people, makes unilateral decision and limits the participation of collaborators. The Dean of the EAES exhibited this leadership style by limiting the staff participation and concentrating on the executive members; thus encouraging change resistance. Secondly, there are democratic leaders who usually involve subordinates in the decision making process, delegates’ authority, encouraging workers participation, and uses feedback as a tool for growth. This is a perfect description of the style in use at the faculty of Arts. Change is inevitable, and in order to successfully manage change process, leaders have to acknowledge the fact that subordinates are part of the forces that drives it.
Waddell et al. (2014) also classified leadership/management style into four these includes, collaborative style which is full participation of employees in important decision making about the organization’s future and bringing about...

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