Sustainable Development : Industry & Village

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Any agency is in an unenviable position when it starts working at the village level. The first problem is whether it fits into a set pattern: Is it pro-government? Is it a scheme started by the rural rich? Who sponsors the scheme? Who provides financial support? Which political party does it support?

The first years are spent answering these questions. Depending on how convincing the answers are and depending on how aligned the project and its workers are to parties, ideologies, personalities in the area and to government, the people will respond accordingly. When any project starts, it needs time to settle down; but simultaneously, it must also win over the confidence of the very people. ...view middle of the document...

5. If Indiekraft wants the poorest of the people to participate in their own development, use their own knowledge, skills and experience, then there is a need for it to identify skills that needed to be upgraded, knowledge that needed to be percolated, and give this process sanctity and acceptability.
6. To mobilize resources from within the community, no service should be given free of charge. There should be no charity in the name of development. 

• Extensive advertisements in print & media.
• Own website.
• Ads in railways & air booking web-sites.
• Efficient distribution channel.
• Eco-friendly products.
• Suitability for all age groups.

• Developing existing natural places.
• Informing & educating community for support.
• Managing natural, human & financial resources.
• Secure investment for public & private resources.
• Maintaining natural beauty with urban leisure.
• Knowledge exchange programs. (rural skills in lieu of community service or educating people)
• Offering participation in village cultural activities, functions.
• Yoga centers

To make it self sustaining

For any rural development activity to be successful and sustainable, it must be based in the village as well as managed and owned by those whom it serves. Therefore, all initiatives whether social, political or economic, should be planned and implemented by a network of rural men and women.

Traditional and indigenous knowledge and skills that lie within the community should be applied to finding solutions to rural problems.
This bottom-up approach is designed to make people feel comfortable.

For sustainable development it’s important that people should not be bothered or bogged down by grave problems pertaining to almost every small village/town in INDIA like:
Health & Sanitation

For solving the economic problems of the people rural men and women irrespective of age, whether literate or not at all, can be trained to work as:
• Day and night school teachers
• Doctors
• Dentists
• Health workers
• Balsevikas

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