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Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide Essay

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Food Brand Names
The following is a list of brand name foods and non-food products which support sustainable palm oil use through the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. By buying any of these products you are protecting the livelihoods of those that manage the crops safeguarding the lives of thousands of species.
3 Musketeers A1 Sauce Act II Adam’s PB Almond Joy Altoids Arnott’s Biscuits Aunt Jemima Foods Austin Brand Crackers Baby Ruth Bac O’s Baker’s Chocolate Balance Bars Banquet Meals Barilla Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Bertolli Betty Crocker Products Big G Cereals Bird’s Eye Bisquick Blommer Chocolate Blue Bonnet Butter Boca Burgers Boost Bowl Appetit Meals Breyers Bugles Snacks Bull’s ...view middle of the document...

W. Knudsen Juices Reddi-Wip Reese’s Candies Rice-A-Roni Rold Gold Pretzels Rosarita Beans Sam’s Choice Santa Cruz Organics Silk Soymilk Skippy Peanut Butter Skittles Slim Fast Slim Jim Smucker’s Products Snak Pack Pudding Snickers Splenda Starburst Stouffers Suddenly Salad Sun Chips SuperMoist Cake Mixes Sweet Rewards Bars Sweet Tarts Swiss Miss Tombstone Pizza Trix Cereal Totino’s Pizza Trix Cereal Tuna Helper Twix Twizzlers Uncle Ben’s V.Pearl Wanchai Ferry Warm Delights Wheaties Cereal Whoppers Wonka Candy Wrigley’s Yoplait Yogurt York Peppermint Patty Yuban Coffee

Non-Food Brand Names
Acuvue Ajax Laundry Detergent All Laundry Detergent Alpo Dog Food Aussie Hair Products Aveeno Avon Axe Products Band-Aid Bebe Benadryl Benecol Beneful Pet Food Bengay Body Shop Products Caladryl Camay Carefree Cascade Cesar Pet Foods Cheer Laundry Detergent Clairol Clean & Clear Coast Soap Colgate Products Comet Cortaid COVERGIRL Crest Cuddle Fabric Softener Dawn Dep Desitin Dial Dolce & Gabbana MakeUp Dove Products Downy Drano Dreft Equate Products Era Laundry Detergent Eukanuba Fancy Feast Fantastic Febreeze Fixodent Friskies Gain Garnier Hair Products Gillete Glade Goodlife Pet Food Goodlight Nat. Candles Greenies Head & Shoulders...

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