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Sustainable Tourism In Tagaytay Essay

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This chapter presents the studies which relates to the present and the background

regarding the aspects of the research the information gathered.

The study of Villoso (2007) which is “Casino Filipino: It’s impact to the Tourism

Industry as perceived by the resident of Tagaytay City” aimed to determine the

acceptability of Casino Filipino and its impacts to tourism industry as perceived by the

residents of Tagaytay City. They find out the cultural, economic, and social ...view middle of the document...

They asked 150 residents of Tagaytay City. Questionnaire was used as the main tool in

gathering needed information. In cultural impacts, the highest mean of score they got is

in the preservation and restoration of heritage site, next is the acceptance of tourist

values, revival of traditional arts and crafts. In economic impacts, the highest mean of

score they got is in the better employment opportunities, next is the improved

community infrastructure, and improvement of small businessess. Last is the social

impacts, the residents respond by giving highest score in increasing public service,

benefits to the residents, improved the communication skills is also considered. All of

the three impacts as we can see is respectively agreed by the respondent.

Coccossis (1996) asserts that sustainable tourism can be taken in four different

interpretations that include” economic sustainability of tourism”, the “ecologically

Sustainable tourism”,” sustainable tourism development” with both focus of environment

as well as long term feasibility of the industry and finally “tourism as a part of a strategy

for sustainable development”.

(Farsari, 2000) said that sustainable tourism should be taken in consideration

to environmental and resources...

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