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Swot Essay

2545 words - 11 pages

Business Management , Individual Assignment 1
C.P.U.T. Short Course in Supply Chain Management
George Wilson

Table of contents

| Index Number |
Table of content | 1 |
Objective | 2 |
Overview | 3 |
Vodacom’s Vision and Values | 4 |
SWOT Analysis based on Vodacom | 5 |
Resource allocation in Vodacom | 9 |
Leadership in Vodacom | 10 |
Controls | 11 |
Conclusion | 12 |
Glossary | 13 |

This assignment focuses on the practical application of management theory to a work environment and organisation.
Focus will be on:
* Strategic Planning
* Organising
* Leadership
* Controls

Vodacom Group LTD will be ...view middle of the document...

 Network management is essential to command and control practices and is generally carried out of a network operations centre.

Vodacom’s Vision and Values
Vodacom praises itself for its business principles and espoused values of Speed, Simplicity, and Trust, which form the basis of “The Vodacom Way”. This creates a comfortable and productive environment by aligning employees with corporate expectations. Based on Vodacom’s firm belief that its people are the heart and the soul of its business, the company views its employees skills and involvement as a primary factor of company’s ability to realize its vision of connecting people, creating possibilities, and changing lives. Vodacom places a great emphasis on defining clear career paths, promoting knowledge sharing across the company, and building the coaching capability of its leaders. It encourages open and honest dialogue and promotes collaborative working practices. Vodacom’s commitment to customers keeps it focused on improving the efficiency of its operations, finding more affordable ways to connect people and offering value-added new services. Aiming to do more with their stakeholders, it celebrates success and diversity thus, building an affinity with its brand.
The Core vision of Vodacom is:

* Best network,
* Best value,
* Best service

They focussing on making their vision real, specifically through their brand promise of best network, best value, best service and everything that goes into keeping their promise
SWOT Analysis based on Vodacom
Vodacom is a subsidiary of Vodafone. It is a mobile communication company providing voice, messaging, data and converged solutions to around 50million active customers in Africa.

Strengths | Weaknesses |
* Robust financial position * Strong market position | * Declining ARPU * High dependence on South Africa |
Opportunities | Threats |
* * Growing demand for 4G technology * Surge in data * Robust mobile money market | * Intense competition * Regulatory environment |

Robust financial position
* The company’s financial performance has been robust for the period 2011-14.
* The net revenue of Vodacom increase yearly.
* The increase in the revenues was attributed to the increase in the demand for data services.
* Vodacom’s strong financial performance provides a strong base for the company to pursue future growth opportunities.

Strong market position
* Vodacom enjoys a strong market position in South Africa over its peers.
* It had approximately 30 million customers in FY2013.
* According to the industry estimates, the company had 50% of the market share in South Africa. The company has a leadership position in South Africa in terms of number of subscribers.
* The company’s data offerings and the M-Pesa also strengthened its market position. Neotel’s acquisition further...

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