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Swot Mc Essay

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Case Analysis
A study shows that in the United States, the trend in fast foods meals by people are inclining and they predicting this trend will giving a great growth opportunities for marketers specially the McDonald’s Company.

But the consumer behavior and concerns have changed, some consumer prioritizing their health, diet, and nutrition. So the fast food restaurants must adapt to the consumer buying behaviors by not ...view middle of the document...

To respond on this problems and demands. McDonalds focus on marketing plans and strategy. For example, they use a flavor of the month strategy, burger alternatives like pasta and pizza, sandwiches complimented by several low priced, high value alternatives, using of media to target the teenager and children consumers such as advertising and television networks.

The strength of McDonald’s comes from its version of value pricing or also known as “value meals” targeting children market, producing 45% of sales. As customer’s attitudes continue to change, McDonald’s are forced to respond by continually adapting their marketing to reflect consumer demand remain as one of our weaknesses. Deploying carts and kiosks to market mac products at locations populated by consumers such as airport, malls, stadiums, events for seducing more patrons is a great opportunities. Business competitors such as Burger King offering tasty heavy meals, while Taco Bell’s first offered healthy lite meals and expanding its lite specialties line will be our threats.

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