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Syllabus Of Mba 3rd Trim(Gitam, Hbs)

2945 words - 12 pages


S.No. | Code No. | Title of the Course |
1. | HMPRBA 301 | Strategic Management |
2. | HMPRBA 302 | Entrepreneurship Development |
3. | HMPRBA 303 | Corporate Governance |
4. | HMPRBA 304 | Management of Public & Private Participation |
5. | HMPRBA 305 | Marketing Research |
6. | HMPRBA 306 | Financial Management |
7. | HMPRBA 307 | Operations & Supply Chain Management |
8. | HMPRBA 308 | Innovation Management |
9. | HMPRBA 309 | Current Business Affairs & Soft Skills |
10. | HMPRBA 310 | Minor Project (8 weeks) & Viva - Voce |

HMPRBA-301: Strategic Management

The objective of this course is to acquaint students with the ...view middle of the document...

Text Book

Azhar Kazmi., Business Policy and Strategic Management. Tata McGraw Hill. 2008.

Reference Books

1. Fred R. David., Strategic Management. Prentice Hall. New Delhi: 2007.
2. Michel Porter., Competitive Strategy. Harvard University Press. New York: 2007.
3. Tom Wheelen., David Hunger, Strategic Management & Business Policy: Achieving Sustainability. 12/E, Prentice Hall. 2010.
4. Upendra Kachru., Strategic Management Concepts & Cases. 1st Edition, Excel Books. 2009.
5. C. Appa Rao, B. Parvathiswara Rao and K. Sivaramakrishna. Strategic Management and Business Policy - Text and Cases. Excel Books. New Delhi. 2008.


The objective of this course is to acquaint students with different dimensions and skills of entrepreneurship. The course also throws light on the opportunities and financial resources available for the establishment of business enterprises.

UNIT-I: Entrepreneurship: Introduction – Concepts – Characteristics – Factors – Theories of Entrepreneurship - Development of Entrepreneurship in India.

UNIT-II: Business Plan- Sources of New Ideas-Identification of opportunities and preparation of business plan - Product Planning and development process - Preparation of feasibility report – Significance of sunrise industries in developing economy like India.

UNIT-III: Opportunities available under promotional schemes for SME sector for new entrepreneurs-Promotional schemes of NABARD and SIDBI for starting new enterprises-Analysis and appraisal of promotional schemes and preparation of MOU for sanction.

UNIT-IV: Financing and Promotion: Government Financial Support – State and Central Government – Financial Institutions - Role of central and state government institutions in promoting Entrepreneurship in India-EDP.

UNIT-V: MSME: Importance -Opportunities - Issues - Role of RBI, and other Developmental Financial Institutions - NABARD, SIDBI, SFC, SIDC’s, SISDCS - in promotion of MSME’s.

Caselet (Not Exceeding 200 Words)

Activity: Preparation of Feasibility Report on selected industries, Development of New Business Ideas.

Text Book

Vasanth Desai. Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management, Himalaya Publishing House. Mumbai: 2011.

Reference Books

1. A.Sahay, V Sharma, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation. Excel Books. New Delhi:2008
2. Hisrich, Peters, Shepherd, Entrepreneurship. Tata Mc Graw Hill. New Delhi: 2007
3. Kuratko and Hodgetts, Entrepreneurship – Theory, Process, Practice. Thomson. Haryana: 2007
4. Madhurima Lall, Shikha Sahai., Entrepreneurship. Excel Books. New Delhi :2008
5. S.S.Khanka., Entrepreneurial Development. S.Chand& company. New Delhi: 2007.


1. Business India, New Delhi.
2. Businesses Today, The India Today Group, New Delhi.
3. Economic and Political Weekly –Mumbai.
4. The Journal of Entrepreneurship, Ahmedabad
5. GITAM...

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