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System Essay

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#15 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

Managers should always make sure these systems are always properly serviced and bleed after any maintenance is done to prevent air in the system. Air in these systems may not seem like a big deal, but air is compressible and when entering components, they are weak. The force of air onto a spoiler surface pushes down due to air in a spoiler actuator. Pilots should watch for sudden system pressure and quantity drops, which could be the ...view middle of the document...

Air in the lines vibrates and can cause the line to rupture. To prevent this low-pressure system bleed is preferred, exercising all subsystems to push the air out slowly and safely for both personnel and the aircraft. Another key fault to watch for is system demand loads. Both pilots and maintenance alike will power up the hydraulic systems and try to operate every flight control system at once over loading the work load of the pumps causing them to either shell out, crack or the spline shaft of the pump strips out (which is what is supposed to happen to prevent loss of the system). There are all kinds of emergency procedures for these hydraulic systems, some are electrically controlled, some are pneumatically controlled, and some systems have a redundancy system (two systems operating the same component). Electric one is just a switch opening up reserved pressure in an accumulator to operating a sub system one time, so choose wisely. Pneumatically is just like the electrical ones but will release air into the system so you can use it hopefully two times if need be. The redundancy systems use two or more systems to move a single actuator in such a way not to have the systems mix but in the event of a system loss, the other system will still be able to operate that respective component without any problems.

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