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Systems Development Life Cycle Essay

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HCS 533
Michael Gaul
22 March, 2016

The System Development Life cycle (SDLC) is a model which is used in a project management that involves and describes the stages which are used in information system development project. This life cycle is very useful for the implementation of system development project. The system is a set of components that interact to achieve common goals. It is widely used method of software development and acquisition in information technology area. Various enterprises used this system to achieve a common goal by working together in a proper and systematic way which is useful for achieving the resources and goal. There are various phases which are ...view middle of the document...

This system is such a framework for the health care institution which can be used to compliment the dominant health care management system. This system helps a lot as through this various things can be maintained properly and this information technology in the form of System Development Life Cycle also can be used by the non-professionals who does not have much knowledge about computer developments can used the same system in an easy way which can help to improve the consistency and quality outcome for patient journey (Joanne Curry, 2007). This type of system helps the project management team a lot for achieving the goals and they also help to produce quality improvement result along with on going goal focused action plans in an easy and convenient way.
Project managers are very important part as they play a great role in each phase of meeting their project purpose and getting prepared properly for the next phase. Project Mangers is necessary for the health care unit as they help in better controlling of financial and human resources and they can provide with higher quality and better reliability with higher working morale (Robert Half, 2014). They not only meet the specific time, cost, scope and quality requirements of the project but they also facilitate the entire process to stand up to the expectations and the needs of the people involved and are affected by the project activities. This project manager’s help to develop the information technology in an advanced way, with these facilities are upgraded and there is development of new standards and specialization in the operation theatre. These all are done under the domain of the project t managers and the application of quality and good project management practices may play a great role in overall solution of making the hospital safer. In this ay health care unit also need to better project managers as they realize that many of the concept of project management will help them to execute in varieties of different areas such as Information Technology, Process Improvement and Facilities Management (Angela Bonin, 2012). Health Care industries are in a growing much and are very competitive due to all the new facilities and developments of more and more technologies and software. Project management is applicable to every aspect of health care.Experienced health care project managers collaborates closely with the administrative staffs, physician, technical staff and regulatory agencies for planning a project in order to enhance the patient safety, patient experience and quality of care provided to them (Kaye Morris, 2011). In this way the successful health care project manager needs to have significant practical expertise in planning, cost management, research, for technical team,...

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