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Keywords Task

Bare essentials - (expression) the minimum
Stroll - (verb) to walk without hurrying, usually for fun
Knitted - (adjective) made from wool, usually jumpers, scarves and hats.
Weep - (verb) to cry
Flipper - Stillettos (noun - plural)

Helen is packing for her holiday. Her friend Julia is with her. Listen to their conversation.
How many types of clothes can you hear them say?
True or False?
1. Helen is going to Turkey.
2. She is going to stay for 3 days.
3. She isn’t taking a jumper.
4. She is going to wear a dress on the journey.
5. Her hat is big.
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Julia: And you’re taking that _______ suitcase?
Helen: Yes. I think I’ve got everything.
Julia: What on earth have you got in there? Do you mind if I have a look?
Helen: Sure.
Julia: It’s quite _______!
Helen: It’s the bare essentials.
Julia: Why do you need a fur coat with you?
Helen: I’ve never been to Egypt before. It might be _______.
Julia: And the seven pairs of knickers?
Helen: You can _______ have too much underwear!
Julia: But you’re there for three days! And what are these? Shoes or flippers?
Helen: Both, of course! You have to look _______underwater too. I can’t be without heels. I can swim and then walk straight onto the beach and go for a stroll or _______.
Julia: But why the jumper?! Egypt is very hot.
Helen: Yes, but I always like to be ready. Climate change is a _______ issue. Besides, my grandmother knitted this jumper for me when I was little and I _______take it with me wherever I go.
Julia: Are you taking anything else?

Listen for Vocabulary
Coat, knickers, underwear, jumper, top, hat, shoes, flippers, heels, jeans, bikini, skirt, sombrero
Listen for Information
True or False?
1. F Egypt, 2. T, 3. F She is taking a jumper, 4. F She’s going to wear jeans and a top, 5. T, 6. F She isn’t going to take any skirts.
Fill in the blanks
quick, huge, heavy, cold, never, good, shopping, serious, always, pairs, colour, packed, fit, enough, jumper, anything.

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