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No matter where you are born around the world or at what time one thing will always be inevitable of your ending; you will die. In all ways of life people have come accustomed to the practice of funerals, also known as death rituals. It has become common nature all around the world that when a person dies a ceremony will be held most likely involving their closest friends, family, or neighbors. It is understood that you live and die, but what funerals provide is a peace that can come with the inescapable end. However has anyone ever really stepped back and examined why we really do these ceremonies or death rituals? If at first we can understand the origins of the traditions, we can then see ...view middle of the document...

Though these traditions originated many centuries ago the art of funerals became an opportunity to celebrate life as well as grieve a loss. Even though years have passed and location has made different influences on the way death rituals are conducted, the history behind why we do it is rich and powerful. No matter the changes the origins behind these death rituals will always remain the same thanks to the Neanderthals.
Though funeral practices originated with the Neanderthals as time progressed and people migrated so did the customs and particular ways of doing things over time and location. The Cro Magnon were the group of people that followed the Neanderthals in chronological evolutionary order. They were located mostly in the south part of Europe and near the Mediterranean. This groups funeral practices were much like that of the Neanderthals. Their deceased bodies were also buried in caves accompanied with grave goods, however their reasoning behind the importance of their grave goods varied from the Neanderthals. In reference to another scholar, Anthony F. C. Wallace, this group of people probably placed these grave goods in with the deceased body in order to “control it and secure the good will of it, or also to gain the virtues once possessed by them” (Wallace Pg.53). It seems that over different terrain and amongst different groups of people customs of funerals may vary but they are all still solely connected on the tradition of respecting the dead. Even other places such as Japan have altered the funeral practices to where 99.82% of all their deceased people are cremated (Ruff, C). These Countries may base their burial rituals off of religion or social class but the underlying response can still be remarkable in remembering of the dead. Not only does location make little changes in the ritual of funerals but so does time.
Since the Neanderthals started the practice of funerals at the beginning of human existence a lot...

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