Taxes And Tropism Essay

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A taxis and a tropism are both different types of responses which are determined to due a (directional) stimulus to enhance chances of survival and be in more favourable conditions for itself.

A ‘taxis’ is present in motile organisms in which they respond directly to environmental changes by moving its whole body either towards a favourable stimulus or away from an unfavourable stimulus. There are a couple of ways to classify taxes depending on the effect of the stimuli. If the movement is towards the stimulus then it is known as photo taxis and if the movement is swaying away from the stimulus then it is known as negative photo taxis. Single-celled algae move towards light which ...view middle of the document...

Pollen from male flowers are positive and female flowers are negative so the two are mutually attractive. The airborne (male) pollen grains will attract and stick onto the receptive female flowers which results in a seed; this is a short example of electro-tropism.

There are multiple similarities that are concurrent in both taxis and tropism. They are both directional, which means they both directly move or grow in response to the stimulus. For example, bacteria moves towards areas with highly concentrated glucose and a plant will bend towards an area which has more light. Another similarity with taxes and tropisms is that they have a positive or negative response to the stimuli. This means that they either move/grow towards the stimuli (positive) or they move/grow away from the stimuli (negative). This could be a plant growing towards water or a certain organism moving way from light. An additional similarity is that their responses are both induced to help gain a competitive advantage and increase survival. Woodlice moving into the darkness avoiding predators are a perfect example of responding to increase rate of survival. One other similarity is that they are both innate behavioural responses. This means that these types of responses aren’t learn or taught by other organisms or plants. They automatically can respond from birth, as if it is hard-wired into its brain/nervous...

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