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China has a history of tea culture for thousands of years, it could be called the hometown of tea. Now after a long history, tea has been prevalent in more than 50 countries around the world, tea has been become one of the three major non-alcoholic drinks. As a worldwide beverage, tea is becoming more and more get the welcome and attention of people. In recent years, people's preference to tea, resulting in tea consumption is constantly growing around the world. Many rumors said that tea was first discovered by the Chinese, it has been ...view middle of the document...

Tang dynasty is the most prosperous period of China’s feudal era, the national unity, and traffic developed, to end the state of the split land and to strengthen the link between North, South and other border areas. It makes the north and south economic and cultural exchange has become possible. Such social conditions as well as the further popularization of drinking tea and continued development of tea culture laid a foundation.
China has thousands of years of tea art history, until the Tang dynasty is the development of the real, to be exact after the mid tang dynasty. Meanwhile, the Chinese tea has been exported to Japan and Korea in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and in the 16th century to be introduced by the West. In accordance with Lu Yu’s book <Tea Bible> explain: “tea is a beverage, found in the emperor Shennong, famous in the duke of Zhou Lu, arose in the tang dynasty”. In tang dynasty can across the country to from strong culture of tea drinking and Lu Yu to the promotion of the tea has the close relationship (Tianxi Jiang 2006). It is worth mentioning that the time of the literates is much like to drink tea. Some famous poet, painter, calligrapher and musicians are all tea predilection, for example, Bai Juyi, Liu Zongyuan and Liu Yuxi, etc. In the Tang dynasty, tea drinking has started to pay attention to drinking art, it has to do with Tang before the main tea as a medical or extensive compared to quench thirst to drink form, is a process of qualitative change.
In the Song dynasty in China, there are “open the door seven matter”: wood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, tea is one of these, it is obvious that tea has become an indispensable item in people's daily life. Has a history of Chinese tea “tea is popular in Tang dynasty, flourishing in song dynasty”. Song dynasty tea production process has a new breakthrough, due to the palace of the drinking tea custom, the fog created specifically for the use of imperial tribute tea. Tribute tea to the development of the tea culture is inseparable with the court, and the corresponding palace tea was the wind of all the citizens of tea at that time, song dynasty tea has spread in the various social strata.
As the transition period from the Song dynasty to the Ming dynasty, Yuan dynasty although history is shorter, but on the method of drinking tea was further matured, it can be said that this period is to change the way that Chinese tea is an important stage. Tang and Song dynasties, people drink tea add green onion, ginger and seasoning salt and tea mixed cooking habits, to the Yuan dynasty was gradually abandoned, a more simple way of “clear water” (Tianxi Jiang 2006). This means that the Yuan dynasty has begun to widely used tea leaves or tea dust decoction tea, with no or little seasoning. In the Ming dynasty, is formed “make tea” this way of method that has been in use today. Tea culture development to the Ming dynasty, there was a landmark change. With tea...

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