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Teaching Experience Essay

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Teaching Experience
Brigette Davila
Grand Canyon University: NRS-427V

March 22, 2015

Teaching Experience
Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn, these are the words of Benjamin Franklin. Teaching a young adult church group of African-American young ladies ages 18-25 about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be challenging yet, if learning was a success in only one person, then teaching was achieved. In the next few paragraphs the teacher will summarize a teaching plan, evaluate the teaching experience, provide the community response to the teaching, and identify the areas of strengths and areas of improvement from the teaching.
The Teaching Plan
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Those who learn kinesthetically will fidget and tend to move around a lot, the teacher will provide a welcoming environment by providing food and drinks for those who need to be occupied with something while we are in discussion. Adults retain approximately 10 percent of what they see; 30 to 40 percent of what they see and hear; and 90 percent of what they see, hear, and do (“Adult Learning,” n.d.). Everyone has the capability in learning all three styles, but are usually dominate in one of them.
Evaluation of Teaching Experience
Presenting the lesson to the students was a bit overwhelming because the subject was an uncomfortable one due to the age of the students and due to the fact that the teacher and students were essentially strangers to one another. Walking in a room filled with adults feels different than walking in a room filled with children. Children look up to adults and are eager to learn when the teacher decides what, when, and how the children will learn. Adults are more self-directed learners, they are in control of their learning, and they dictate what, when, and how they learn (AG Discipleship Ministries, 2010). In order for the teacher to be in control and facilitate learning about STDS, this subject must be openly and honestly discussed.
There were eight young African-American ladies sitting and feeling a bit uneasy as to the discussion that was about to take place. Their eyes told a story, out of the eight ladies three of them already had kids and one of them was married. The teacher first introduced herself, by giving her age, her work experience and felt that is was appropriate giving them a little bit of her life story. The teacher explained that she had her first daughter at the age of 17, and did not attend college until she was 26 years old. Raising three kids and being a single parent, it took seven years to start nursing school and graduate in 2011. Opening up to the students created a sense of common ground and this made them feel at ease, and also made them feel that their goals are achievable.
The presentation started off with a game, the game was called “name that disease.” The teacher gave facts about STDs and then said, “What am I?” It was then the students turn to try and guess what the STD was. It was fun; the teacher and the students giggled, and it made the environment much more comfortable to openly discuss a personal topic such as sexual health. The pamphlet on STDs was then passed out, some of the information on the pamphlet answered a lot of the student’s guesses to the game. The session continued with true stories that happen right in the Coachella Valley. The students were astonished from the facts because they were statements that could directly apply to them. They continued to say that, “I am never doing that again” or “Wow, I didn’t know that!” These comments made the teacher feel like the presentation was going well and the students were actually learning something that could help them in...

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