Team 3 Essay

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Week 4 Quiz
Name: Khatija Moughal
Please circle the most correct or appropriate answer. Please only choose one answer per question. Multiple selections will lead to a zero grade.
1. Firms under perfect competition receives zero profit, because
a. There are too many firms to compete.
b. There are no barriers to entry.
c. There is complete information.
d. The ...view middle of the document...

P = MC because P = MR.
b. P above MC where MC = MR.
c. P = FC.
d. No definite answer.

3. A natural monopoly can charge a price above MC where MC = MR, because
a. it has economies of scale to produce what others cannot duplicate, i.e. there are natural barriers.
b. there are legal barriers.
c. there are sociological barriers.
d. there are government regulations and restrictions.

4. A firm under monopolistic competition will earn
a. a positive profit as it has some monopoly power.
b. a zero profit as it sets P = MC.
c. a zero profit as its P = ATC.
d. a positive profit as it sets MC = MR.
5. The optimal output and hence the supply curve for an oligopoly is
a. does not exit as it depends on whether firms compete in price or in quantity.
b. the part of MC above its AVC.
c. the part of MC above its ATC.
d. its ATC.

6. (Bonus) A good real-world example for perfect competition is
a. lawyers
b. gas stations
c. Time Warner Cable
d. groceries stores

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