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Team Assignment

5631 words - 23 pages

Group 1 Team Assignment
  CSEC 630- 9026
                            Jeff Daniels

                                                                 Written by:
                           Kevin Alton, Nadia Iqbal, and Alex Polevoy


July 2015

Table of Contents

Section I:
iTrust Threats & Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures.……………..…………..3

Section II:
Recommended Changes to Security Management Policies………...……………..7

Section III:
Adaption of Requirements to Reduce Security Risk……….……………....…......11

Conclusion. …………………………………….…………………………………….…21

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 “Unlike PCI DSS, HIPAA itself does not descend to the level of security controls and technologies to implement.  This requires the organizations affected by HIPAA—also known as “covered entities”—to try to follow the spirit of the regulation as opposed to its letter” (Chuvakin  & Schmidt, 2013).  The iTrust database contains protected health information and therefore identifies as a covered entity and must establish safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic data.  Compliance with HIPAA security standards in the areas of administrative safeguards, physical safeguards, stored data safeguards, and technical security mechanisms are required for an entity to achieve HIPAA compliance.  
Lack of Access Control
The lack of administrative safeguards that control information access management concluded that the iTrust website and database lack the appropriate access controls to protect and safeguard patient data.  Access controls should enable authorized users to access the minimum necessary information needed to perform job functions (HHS, 2007).  Additionally, every person accessing the system should have a unique account for accountability and auditing purposes.  HIPAA does not publish a guide with the exact security controls to achieve compliance, which is the direct opposite of PCI DSS.  Instead, HPIAA would rather an organization achieve compliance with a sincere aspiration to protect sensitive patient data instead of a “bare minimum” technical implementation that only seeks to achieve compliance. The Emergency Responder role includes multiple groups of first responders and access to patient data is not restricted or filtered.  Access control for the Emergency Responder role lacks the capability to restrict individuals from patient data while not functioning in the capacity as an Emergency Responder.  Furthermore, unauthenticated database access creates the possibility of exposing sensitive data by means of simple queries.
The lack of a viable access and authentication control mechanism can be remedied with a secure identity access solution such as Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Manager (FIM).  FIM is capable of providing preventative role-based access control, rule-based analytics of access, automated user provisioning and deprovisioning of user accounts, and access recertification and attestation.  FIM is also able to control user logon time restrictions along with defined session timeouts for user inactivity on portable or remote access connections.  With the implementation of FIM, iTrust is capable of improving security, tightening access control, and auditing compliance while adhering to the HIPAA security access control specifications.
SQL Injection Attack
HIPAA requirements stipulate that covered entities must have procedures for safeguarding data.  The new iTrust requirements will require a complex amount of custom and modified code for implementation.  These code changes introduce...

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