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Team Case: Disney Essay

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Inge-Martin S. Tverborgvik
Professor Magner
21 October 2015
Team Case: Disney

Because Disney has such an influence in television media, they are able to advertise all about their parks, studios, movies, and any other entertainment. The success of Disney in each of the 5 industries will continue to build on their strengths. The leverage that Disney has in branding is at an all-time high. This is where they are extremely successful. Costs have dimensioned mostly because it has started so long ago. They continue to generate returns in each element. Most of their costs came from the development of their characters. Again going back to their strategy about technology they are gaining ...view middle of the document...

In example, Disney should expand its theme parks to more locations domestically to make them more accessible to people across the country, thusly decreasing competition. As is right now, Disney could lose customers to theme parks such as Six Flags because it is decreasing the need and incentive to make the long drive and travel as it can provide close to the same experience. By extension, Disney should capitalize on following its current route of expanding globally in emerging markets because there are a lot to gain from it, as shows in their reports.
Alternative to the option of discontinuing their interactive media department, although that is the most recommended, Disney could consider completely rethinking their operations in this department. They need to innovate and redesign the whole strategy and operations in the department in order to gain a better competitive stance against the other players in the field.
In conclusion, Disney should end its Interactive Media portion of operations and capitalize on their operations that have proven to be...

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