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Team Charter Essay

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Attendance & Contribution:
• Everyone should contribute to the assignment on daily basis and inform of any issue if there is any exception.
• Participate in decisions about group planning, assignments, etc.
• If one cannot contribute for whatever reason, please notify in a timely manner.
• Participate is must at least three times weekly if discussion is required.

Assignment Submission:
• Meet assignment deadlines agreed to by the team to allow for final submission on time.
• Due date for individual contributions should be set as Friday by noon for each team assignment- giving ...view middle of the document...

• Be open and willing to do one’s part
Weekly Meetings:
• A weekly meeting should be held so that the defining of roles for each assignment can be done.
• We should meet weekly once in the begging of assignment no later than Wednesday to define roles, assigning a team lead and assignment delivery structure.
• Stay in contact with team members via forum or email at least 3 times weekly.
• Communicate fairness issues openly and professionally
• Team lead and team member should be notified immediately if there is any expectation in attendance and participation.
• Each of us pulls our own weight and notifies the team if and when you cannot participate for whatever reason.

Conflict Resolution:
• We should clearly define conflict resolution in case of any team member not cooperating and does not follow roles and responsibility.
• Communicate directly with the team member not contributing.
• Attempt to resolve the issue internally.
• Escalate to the instructor when/if necessary. We will send 2 individual notification to the team member if delivery is not done or in case of no participation and then accordingly we will notify the facilitator and divide the rest of work to complete the assignment on time.
• The most respectful way of communicating any concerns with individual performance in one-to-one. Team members will not accuse one another of lack of contribution on public forum.

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