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Team Written Hr Plan: Gdf Suez

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Team Written HR Plan: GDF Suez

Team 10:

João Barata 361181
Răzvan Botea 361067
Bogdan Larion 361068

Rotterdam 2012

Executive Summary

This HR plan analyzes GDF Suez. It starts with a brief description of each of the pilllars of HR management. Next, we ...view middle of the document...

GDF Suez is a French multinational energy company, which operates in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, natural gas and renewable energy. The company was founded on July 22nd 2008, following the merger between Gaz de France and Suez. After taking control of Britain’s International Power, GDF Suez became the world’s largest utility company. The multinational giant has over 218 000 employees in 70 countries and produced €84.5 billion in revenues for 2010. GDF Suez entered the Romanian market in May 2005, through the acquisition of state-owned SC Distrigaz-Sud SA. In a world in which energy and the environment are at the heart of vital challenges that go far beyond economic and industrial challenges alone, sustainable development is at the core of the GDF SUEZ strategy, which is focused on responsible growth with the following major objectives: meeting energy needs, ensuring a secure energy supply, combating climate changes and improving the use of resources (GDF Suez website, 2012).
GDF Suez faces significant needs in human resources for the years to come. Thus, recruitment is an important strategic tool for the company’s development and performance in the long term. Recruitment policies are implemented through a decentralized organization that integrates some recruitment and hiring principles. According to those principles, recruitment should contribute to the company’s development, respect its commitments and promote the “employer promise”. Communication efforts such as a professionalization program that uses a recruitment guide and an internal communication campaign to reach those involved in the process, together with actions upstream of the recruitment process which favor apprenticeships, internships and relationships with schools allow the company to secure the best workforce.
In terms of training and development, GDF Suez’s professional mobility policy aims to allow all employees who so desire to benefit, at their own initiative, from a change of job, region or entity within the Group. The purpose of this strategy is based on the conviction that professional mobility contributes to optimizing the alignment of internal skills with the needs of business activities; strengthening cultural integration and equal opportunities; developing employability; and encouraging the sharing of know-how and fostering innovation. The company guarantees enhanced access to internal opportunities – priority is given to candidates who are already GDF Suez employees. Through its HRNewWay program, the Group has launched a new platform called The Training Expertise, which provides assistance and support to the Group’s training teams in the area outside training services. Furthermore, in order to increase the Group’s success, GDF Suez has established a corporate learning center called “GDF Suez University”, which supports its leaders, future leaders and executives throughout their carrers. The company also operates a development center...

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