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Technology Essay

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“Humanity has witnessed technology and innovation as being the most important stimulus for humans to ameliorate and improve their communication. I’m speaking of thousands of years of development, from the earliest traces of written communication all the way to our convenient pocket-sized computers. All the progress and the changes in our lives are enabled and accelerated by advances in communication. Innovation occurred to solve problems in our society and everyday life rather than simply amusing ourselves. In other words, communication is about immediate and practical needs.
Like Mr. Moughabghab said, we live in exponential times. Where the speed of progress of change and technology is ...view middle of the document...

They can just do so with a click of a button from the comfort of their home. People are more satisfied with these new applications due to it being less time consuming and easier to understand.
On the other hand, there are some disadvantages regarding the communication between humans through machines. This has led to less interactions between people as machines and technology are conducting these services that previously required human communication. Where as employees are easily replaced by machines an apps. It has also forced us to succumb to this unhealthy lifestyle whereby mediums such as television and computers dictate our habits and choices. It’s true we live in a globalized community because we are all interconnected to each other but technology is driving us apart. More and more people are staying indoors connecting through their computers and phones. This lack of sociability will create another type of human dysfunction in an already dysfunctional world. In addition, credit cards frauds are also an example of disadvantages of the Internet. They manipulate people into giving them their personal information and people are very influenced that they actually trust giving them such informations.
To conclude, every aspect in life has its positive and negative side and technology is among them. We are looking for ways to reintroduce some humanity into our communications. But it would at the same time slow down the ability for technology to progress. They have been working in order to bring us close together and facilitate communications with other but unfortunately nowadays technology is connecting us it’s true but we are not together anymore. “

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