Technology In 5o Years Essay

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Technology we may see in the next 50 years...
Technology | Positive effect of individual and society | Negative effect of individual and society |
Self-driving cars | The positive effect of self-driving cars on an individual would be that the driver is less stressed and tired by driving and an individual could multi-task whilst the car drives. The impact of society would be fewer accidents as the system would control itself therefore drivers would not cause accidents on the roads. | The negative effect of this ...view middle of the document...

The positive effect for the society would be eco-friendly because of less CO2 emission. | The negative effect of solar powered cars on an individual and society would be that it is expensive and would not have as much energy and power as cars which run on petrol as they need to be frequently charged. |
Voice texting | The positive effect of voice texting for an individual is quicker and less time consuming. It would benefit the society as it would be easier to communicate with others. | The negative effect of an individual would be the voice text would not be private as people can listen to what you are messaging. The negative effect on the society would be people would stop socializing and talk less face to face. |
Bionic limbs | The positive effect on an individual would be that they would have the opportunity to have a bionic limb such as a hand if they do not have one. The positive effect on society would be that majority of people that are missing a limb would benefit from this as it would be helpful. | The negative effect on an individual would be that it would be expensive and the effect of society would be more demanding to people who are missing a limb and It would also require high technology resources. |

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