Technology On The Business Strategies Of Multi National Corporations

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Abstract 5
Acknowledgment 6
1. Introduction 7
1.1 Research Overview 7
1.2 Aims and Objectives 7
1.3 Research Questions 8
1.4 Structure of the Dissertation 8
2. Literature Review 10
2.1 Introduction 10
2.2 The 21st Century Business Environment 10
2.3 The Notion of Technology 11
2.4 The SWOT Framework 14
3. Research Methodology 17
3.1 Introduction 17
3.2 Justification of Theoretical Approach 17
3.3 Research Paradigm 17
3.4 Research Methodology 18
3.5 Ethical considerations 21
3.6 Challenges Encountered 21
3.7 Alternative Approach 22
4. Discussion and Findings 24
4.1 Introduction 24
4.2 Case Discussion and Analysis 24
4.3 Case Findings 29
5. Conclusion 31
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The study is divided into a number of chapters and based upon the data gathered attempts to analyse the role and significance of technology in organizational business strategies.

On being provided an opportunity to study at one of the world’s best university along with having a brilliant chance to conduct research and write this thesis, I would like to thank my parents.
I am also extremely grateful to my supervisor, Farouk Missi, who guided me at all the stages and helped me gain access in the organization to gather data. This study would not have achieved a quality output without the support of his guidance.
Lastly, I would like to appreciate the support of my friends and seniors for making my stay and study period, a memorable one.
Thanh Vu.

1. Introduction
1.1 Research Overview
In this era of fierce competition and rapid globalization, almost every organization across the world uses technology as part of its business processes and strategies to attain maximum output. However, according to Carr (2003), what now matters is to use technology innovatively and uniquely. Additionally, a number of researches have also indicated that establishing a link between the technical and non-technical artifacts is also a major contributor to the success of the organization.

This research is a step ahead and explores the case of Procter & Gamble. The company is a well known MNC dealing with consumer goods and has a reputed image all across the globe. Through the medium of both the secondary and primary research, this study will explore the way, organization uses technology in its business strategies innovatively to attain long term sustainability and competitive edge. It focuses on the “Connect and Develop” strategy of the firm and the manner it in which the technology facilitates the search of talent and resources globally.

1.2 Aims and Objectives
According to Maylor (2006), it is a known fact that all projects in this world have a definite set of goals and objectives associated with them and so is this dissertation research as well. The study aims to critically analyse the role and significance of technology on the business strategies of MNCs (Multi National Corporations): The Case of Procter & Gamble. This study is basically structured around both the primary and secondary data gathered from online journals, articles, historical archives, past studies, statistical data, organizational trends and interviews. The strategic aim of the research is to explore the way P&G uses the technology innovatively as part of its business strategies and process to attain long term and sustainable competitive edge.

Moving ahead, the section below will now list the sub research questions for this piece of study.

1.3 Research Questions
Like every other research study, this dissertation is also linked with a set of research objectives, and aims to address the following mentioned research...

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