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Teen Behavior In Romeo And Juliet

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Phu Nguyen
Ms. Leang
English 1, Period 5
19 March 2015
Teen Behaviors in Romeo and Juliet
Many teenagers make bad decisions, and act in a way most adult would say is unintelligent. Romeo and Juliet was a story about two feuding families with the same wealth living in Verona. After a big fight Prince Escalus tells them that if there is another fight they will be killed.  Later that night Romeo meets Juliet at her father’s party and they both fall in love, after the party Romeo talks with Juliet about getting married and she agrees to have the wedding the very next day. After the wedding the two families get into another fight. Due to the fight Mercutio and Tybalt gets killed. Romeo who ...view middle of the document...

” (1.4.112-19)This shows that he is doing something risky because he is foreseeing his own death, but he still goes. Teen know what they are doing is wrong, but they still do it anyways because they don’t think of the consequences. Another example of this is when Juliet takes the potion without knowing what will happen to her: “Jul.… How if, when I am laid into the tomb, / I wake before the time that Romeo/ Come to redeem me? There’s a fearful point. / Shall I not then be stifled in the vault, / To whose foul mouth no healthsome air breaths in,/ And there die strangled ere my Romeo comes?/ Or, if I live, is it not very like,/ The horrible conceit of death and night, / Together with the terror of the place, / As in a vault, an ancient receptacle, / Where for this many hundred years the bones / Of all my buried ancestors are pack’d…”(4.3.32-44). This proves that Juliet was doing something dangerous because even she didn’t know exactly what will happen to her. She is talking about all the things that could go wrong with this scheme, but she is desperate enough to do it anyways. Many teens don’t think things through before they act, this may lead them to make an awful decision that could lead to horrible consequences.
Teen are going through the independence stage are likely to rebel against their parents tell them. The American Academy of Child and Adolescents Psychiatry states that teens are going through independence: “Teen movements toward independence include, complaints that parents interfere with independence” (Facts for Families, No. 57). This shows that teens are rebellious because they will want to try to make the parent stop bothering them by doing the opposite. Teens don’t only rebel against parents the may disobey older relatives too. An example of this is when Tybalt argues with Lord Capulet: “TYB: It fits, when such a villain is a guest: / I’ll not endure him. / CAP: He shall be endured: / What goodman, boy! I say, he shall: go to; / Am I the master here, or you? go to. / You’ll not endure him! God shall mend my soul, / You’ll make a mutiny among my guest! / You will set cock-a-hoop! you’ll be the man! / TYB: Why, uncle, ‘tis a shame.”(1.5.76-84). This shows how Tybalt was being rebellious because he was trying to fight with Romeo but, when he gets told no by Lord Capulet he still argues with his uncle. A number of teens may argue with their parents when they are told to not do something in hope of changing the parent’s mind. Another example of this is showed when Juliet argues with her parents: “CAP: …But fettle your fine joints ‘gainst Thursday next, / To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church, / Or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither, / …. / JUL: Good father, I beseech you on my knees, / Hear me with patience but to speak a word.” (3.5.157-163). This shows that Juliet is defying her parent’s wishes because she is arguing against her dad when he told her that she has to marry Paris. Adolescents will not always do everything they...

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