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Term Paper On Citycell

4934 words - 20 pages

Term Paper On
Training & Development process on

Prepared for
Lecturer of Human Resource Management
Course Code: HRM 363
School of Business (UITS)

Prepared by
MD. Alamin.………………..10410512
MD. Arif miah………….....10410508
MD.Faisal Ahmed………..10410511
Ashrarul anwar sakib…..10410510

Submission Date
Date: 26th july, 2012

School of business
University of Information Technology & Sciences
(Baridhara campus)
Dhaka Bangladesh


Letter of Transmittal

26th july, 2012
Masud Rana
Lecturer of ...view middle of the document...

After Allah, the last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Who brought for us revelation and unlimited knowledge and civilized the barbarian human being.

I am very thank full to Allah Almighty who gave me the courage to complete this complex task and to my ever caring and loving parents whose prayers helped me to reach this stage of my life.

We have prepared our group project on: “Training & Development Process of CITYCELL”

It was really a nice experience for us to do the project on above topic. While preparing the project lots of people helped us on various occasions. Among these people our classmates, course instructor, teaching assistant are mentionable. In this regard, we would like to give our special thanks to our course instructor Lecturer Msud Rana, School of Business, University of Information Technology & Sciences.

We are also grateful to our friend and the people who helped us a lot in doing this project. Special thanks, gratefully and lovingly offered to our parents, for their overall steadfast and loyal support during the preparation of this project. Finally, our gratitude along with thanks goes to The Almighty for keeping everything on right track.

We want to talk about our limitations that we had to accept during the completion of this project. However, we believe that we have tried our best to make this project more reliable and acceptable.

MD. Alamin.………………..10410512
MD. Arif miah………….....10410508
MD.Faisal Ahmed………..10410511
Ashrarul anwar sakib…..10410510

Department of School of Business
University of Information Technology & Sciences

Executive summery
As a part of academic requirement and completion of BBA program, I have been assigned to complete the report on “Training & Development process of CITYCELL” under the guidance of Masud Rana

“Training & Development process” these are a segment of human resource process; As such I have selected those topics to make it clear. I have divided this report in some sub segments. As a young intern in a reputed telecom company like “CITYCELL” I have tried my best to go through their Human Resource process within little tenure of some days.

The training program of the CITYCELL is a vital link in the process of converting the recruit into productive representatives. The money, which is spent on recruiting and selecting people, may be wasted if their selection is not followed up with the proper training programs. Additionally, experienced reps may not improve or even maintain their productivity if they are not provided with an adequate amount of continual training. So the purpose of training in the CITYCELL is to relate and improve the specific performance related skills, attitudes, perception and behaviors require people’s success with the state of readiness of the force.

Brief Content

Letter of Transmittal i
Acknowledgement ...

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