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Terms Criteria Essay

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Discussion groups – novel study 1STF
Competency aims from the curriculum:
1. forstå og bruke et bredt generelt ordforråd og et faglig ordforråd knyttet til eget utdanningsprogram
2. uttrykke seg på en nyansert og presis måte med god flyt og sammenheng, tilpasset formål og situasjon
3. innlede, holde i gang og avslutte samtaler og diskusjoner om allmenne emner og faglige emner knyttet til eget utdanningsprogram
4. bruke mønstre for uttale, intonasjon, ordbøying og varierte setningstyper i kommunikasjon
5. drøfte ulike typer engelskspråklige litterære tekster fra ulike deler av verden

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| Your vocabulary allows for some variation.There is substantial precision in what you communicate. | Your vocabulary is wide and allows for great variation and solid precision of communication. |
You can ask and answer simple questions. | You ask and answer questions with a clear purpose and some complexity. | You are a driving force in the discussion without hugging the floor – avoiding silent periods by bringing others in or starting new topics.You ask and answer questions with a clear purpose and great complexity. |
The pronunciation, intonation and grammar sometimes get in the way of communication | You communicate at a basic level in terms of pronunciation, intonation and grammar. | Your language communicates at a high level, with very few mistakes in pronunciation, intonation and grammar. |
You know a few basic literary terms and you can give a few examples. | You know the basic literary terms; can bring in relevant examples and discuss them with some independence. You also show some ability to find similarities and differences. | You know the basic literary terms very well; can bring in relevant examples and discuss them with great independence. You also show a very good ability to find similarities and differences. |

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