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Terrorism Essay

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Week 5 Case Analysis
December 4, 2011

Terrorism either international or domestic is an act to gain attention for a cause and to get a point across at the expense of innocent people. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (2011) proclaims that “Throughout its more than 100-year history, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has protected the American people from threats to our way of life. As some of our greatest threats—gangsters, public corruption, hate crimes, cyber attacks, white-collar fraud, and terrorism—have evolved, the FBI has changed to meet them head-on” (FBI, 2011, p. 1). Terrorism of the past has occurred in third world countries and not until recently have the ...view middle of the document...

17 a.m., Indian local time. At least 11 persons are confirmed dead, while more than 85 others are injured. The bomb is placed in a suitcase outside gate number five to the Delhi court, used by lawyers, and litigants. Indian security force officials fear the death toll will rise. Internal security secretary informed it was a medium to high intensity blast.
The bomb according to witnesses was concealed in a briefcase by someone who was waiting in line outside the courthouse. Police quickly responded to the blast by searching and putting surveillance on roads leading from the city, checking the airports, bus stations, hotels, and railway stations for the culprits using sketches made by eyewitnesses. The National Investigation Agency, an agency developed to investigate and prevent terror attacks and the United States Defense Department has joined forces to investigate and identify the group responsible for the bombing.
India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh pledged to fight terrorism when he said “This is a long war in which all political parties and all the people of India will have to stand united so that this scourge of terrorism is crushed" (Associated Press, 2011, p. 1). Others expressed their concern over the capture of these terrorist protecting the Indian citizenry, "We are determined to track down the perpetrators of this horrific crime and bring them to justice," Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram told Parliament (Navqui, 2011).
India has fell victim to many terrorist attacks over the years however; the court bombing was the first major terrorist attack since a number of explosions in Mumbai that killed 26 people in June. An e-mail according to the Associated Press (2011) was sent to several “TV news channels claimed the bombing on behalf of Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, an extremist group said to be based in Pakistan. The group has been blamed for numerous terror strikes in India, and the U.S. State Department says it has deep ties to al-Qaida and some members have trained at al-Qaida camps” (Navqui, 2011). “The e-mail demanded the immediate repeal of the death sentence handed to Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri man convicted in the 2001 attack on India's Parliament, and threatened to target other courts, including the Supreme Court” (Navqui, 2011, p. 1). The authorities had not yet confirmed the validly of the email. Nonetheless, the National Investigation Agency is working to expand their efforts to hire more police, improve training, and establish commando bases throughout the...

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