Terrorism Vs War Of Terror Essay

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I believe that the wars inAfghanistan and Iraq are strikingly similar to the Vietnam war and thus will affect the generation the same way as the Cold War. The war in Vietnam lasted from 1961-1973 and the War on Terror has lasted from 2001-today in 2012. It is still going on. At the time,Vietnam was the longest war in history but it will soon be surpassed by the War on Terror. When the Cold War began, younger children and teenagers who were receiving information about the war had an undying hatred for the Russians. They felt the Russians were at fault for the war butdidn't see the flaws of their own country. For example, when the U.S. ...view middle of the document...

They have asense of hatred for these people for the Twin Towers incidents and the attacks on the Pentagon. However, not all of these people are terrorists which people like to assume. As in the Cold War wherepeople thought everybody in a communist country was communist, we see the same scenario with terrorists. A lot of people hate these people because they want the troops to come home. If they randomly come home and don't resolve this war completely, more attacks are likely, and with new weapons and technology, they could be much worse than 9/11. The troops must train officers in Afghanistan to recognize the Taliban and al Qaeda and show them how to handle these situations without America's aid. Therefore, I believe that the War on Terror is our generation's Vietnam War. It is so widespread that nearly every family is affected by it in some way, shape, or form. We already see hatred towards the countries we are at war with like in Vietnam and the Cold War and this corrupts our views of every person in these countries. Like Vietnam, this war is driven by fear. The U.S. fears terrorism and therefore must fight against it like communism in the 60s. The War on Terror is now the longest war in history and has much more of an impact on this generation than the Vietnam War on the same generation. We don't remember the Vietnam War or know much about it, but the War on Terror has shaped our way of thinking, much like Vietnam and the Cold War so the War on Terror will become this generation's Cold War.

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